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Goodbye For Now | Making Moves

It’s time to face the facts and say goodbye. After planning our move to the UK for what feels like forever but it’s really only been about four months, I finally feel like things are coming together.

With 11 days until we get on the plane, life is crazy hectic.

I feel like I am neglecting my blog, but the reality is that I just don’t have the time or the energy to sit and write a proper blog post.

A quick update on how the girls are coping

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Whatever Life Chux At You

In just over three weeks time, we will be getting on a plane and flying off to start our new life in the UK. It’s crazy that we’re already counting the days now. 6 months ago, this wasn’t even on the cards for us, but I am at that stage now when I can’t wait to leave.

It’s not that I want to leave South Africa, or Africa as a whole at all. It’s more about the fact that I am excited to get to the UK now and to start our new life there. Unfortunately though, circumstances what they are, I am still here. My husband left 3 weeks ago, and it’s been tough without him. Really tough.

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The Best Family Board Games For Kids + Giveaway | #PrimaGamesFest

I was recently asked to review a number of family board games as part of the #PrimaGamesFest sponsored by Prima Toys! I have to admit, I was a bit dubious about this. Whilst I love my girls, my eldest is very competitive. I tend to avoid situations such as board games where I have to manage this. #badmom

Also, my husband is away so I am solo parenting the girls and I wasn’t sure I could handle refereeing the board games on my own. Continue reading “The Best Family Board Games For Kids + Giveaway | #PrimaGamesFest”

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When One Child Needs You More Than The Other

I am the proud mom of two little girls. Two amazing little girls who are as individual and unique as you ever did get. Not just in looks but in behaviour and character as well. My eldest daughter is an amazing child. She is clever, good at sports, kind, generous and she feels things very deeply. However, it is very apparent that she is very ‘needy’. Emotionally needy. So what do we do when one child needs you more than the other?

Lately I have found myself confiding in my youngest daughter to please help me when it comes to ‘managing’ my eldest. To put this into perspective, the youngest is 5 in two weeks time, and the eldest is 7 in about a months time. When I do this, I feel so guilty. #momguilt

I shouldn’t have to do that. She’s so little. But the fact is that I need her cooperation in order to actually achieve what is required. Continue reading “When One Child Needs You More Than The Other”


Kids Profile Test with Tall Trees Training

Have you ever considered doing a Kids Profile Test on your child? I hadn’t.

I mean, she’s MY child; no one can possibly know her better than I do, right?

I’m her mom. There’s nothing I don’t know about her.

How can a few questions by a stranger or computer possibly profile MY child better than I can?


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Instagram RoundUp | April and May

Life has been so busy and so hectic the past few months that I completely missed doing my Instagram RoundUp post at the end of April, and now it’s already the end of May. What happened? The days are going by so quickly now. In a months time I will be waking up in my new home in the UK. I am trying not to think about it too much because then I might start to panic thinking about everything I need to do between now and then.

The last Instagram RoundUp I did was at the end of March. Instead of doing five per month and making this a really long post, I am just going to do the top three for April and the top three for May. So that’s the most liked posts for each month. So here goes …  Continue reading “Instagram RoundUp | April and May”