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When Screen Time Is Also Learning Time | KidloLand App Reviews and Giveaway!

When KidloLand approached me to do a review of three of their apps, it was a big ‘Yes’ from me! The summer holidays are in full swing. Whilst we are on holiday I am still trying to do extra learning activities with the girls to help them catch-up a bit since moving from South Africa to the UK. I knew that these apps could help me do that so doing the KidloLand App reviews of three of their apps was a win for the kids, and a win for me!

We all know that too much screen time is not good for our kids. But let’s be honest here, whilst we don’t want them to grow up with ‘square eye’s’, they need to be technologically savvy! And they are! Most two-year olds out there can unlock their parent’s phone without even realising what they are doing. For me it has got to the stage where if screen time is also learning time, I’ll allow it. In moderation of course!

As long as what they are doing on the phone, tablet or Smart TV is positively contributing to their education, or teaching them a life lesson such as kindness, anti-bullying etc, then I don’t mind.

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LOL Surprise Puzzle and Board Game + Giveaway

For those of you that have been following me for a while, you will know that my girls are LOL Surprise Doll crazy!!!

My eldest more so, but whatever she does, her Lil Sister follows suit. (See what I did there?) She has even made an entire flip file of colouring in pictures of LOL dolls and categorised them into Series 1, 2, and 3, and of course, don’t forget the Glitterati! The obsession is real.

I Did What Any Mommy Blogger Would Do

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Dooky Cover Giveaway
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~WIN~ The Original Dooky Cover Giveaway!

If you haven’t heard about the Dooky Cover yet, let me tell you all about this amazing accessory! The Original Dooky Cover will make life easier for you as a parent, and more comfortable for your precious little bundle of joy!

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January Instagram RoundUp
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January Instagram RoundUp

It’s time for the first InstaRoundUp of 2018! If you were following my blog last year you will be familiar with these, but the idea is to give you some more personal insight into the Top 5 most liked pictures from my Instagram account. I used to do this fortnightly but for this year I plan to only do them at the end of every month.

Without further ado, let’s get this show on the road!

No. 5: I Don’t Diet!

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