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The ‘Children In A Bikinis’ Debate!

The Bikinis Issue Background

My six-year-old daughter wanted a bikini as her swimwear. I was not ready for this. She wanted one so badly she threw an hour-long tantrum in the department store until I caved and bought her one. “Bad Mom! How dare I give in to my child, right?” Probably! Then because I bought her one, my four-year-old also wanted one too. Typical.

To be fair to me, the children’s bikini top is long enough to meet the bottoms. It has a modesty skirt over the bottoms so it is basically a three-piece. It is definitely more modest than some one pieces – you know the ones I mean, where the sides are cut out. Seriously, unless you’re being paid to model that, do real people even wear those? I’m genuinely asking? What is it’s purpose?

Moving on …  Continue reading “The ‘Children In A Bikinis’ Debate!”

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The Perfect Summer Drink!

This weekend I created the perfect summer drink to keep you and your whole family cool, refreshed and healthy.

It is extremely hot here in the South African Northern Free State. It’s about 22°C at 07.30am, and peaks at around 37°C in the middle of the afternoon. Even though there is a breeze in the air it feels more like a hairdryer blowing warm dusty air at you, and it’s doing nothing to cool us down during the day. Therefore we are spending a lot of time inside the house in the afternoon because it’s just cooler than being outside. Even swimming only lasts for a short time as it’s just too hot to be in the sun.  Continue reading “The Perfect Summer Drink!”

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I Am More Than "Just A Mommy Blogger" ft. High Heels & Fairy Tales

Welcome to the third installment of “I Am More Than ‘Just A Mommy Blogger'” which is a five-part mini-series. Each week I will feature a different South African Mommy Blogger so that we can get to know what else she does with her life other than ‘just being a mommy blogger’. Last week we featured Kim from Muller Kids and this week I am so excited to be featuring Charlene from High Heels & Fairy Tales. Charlene blogs at High Heels And Fairy Tales, a parenting, travel, and lifestyle blog. She is a stay at home mom, homeschooling her little girl, and learning so much along the way.

Charlene and I have been blogging buddies for a while now, and Charlene actually featured me a while ago on her series “Meet The Mommy“. I love that the blogging community are so supportive of each other. It’s a great online community that I am proud to be a part of. Continue reading “I Am More Than "Just A Mommy Blogger" ft. High Heels & Fairy Tales”

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Top 5 Christmas Gifts For Girls

It’s nearly that time of year! Time to get your Christmas Shopping List ready! This post is my personal recommendation and guideline for the perfect christmas gifts if you are looking for a great christmas gift for girls aged between 3 and 10.

As a mom of girls who are 6 and 4 years old I sometimes struggle to get the right gifts for them. Don’t get me wrong, if I were to let them loose in a toy store I’m sure they would find loads that they suddenly need or want, but the reality is that so much of it is either not worth the money, or simply too much money. All the toys for girls on this list are under R500.00 and has various options to suit most budgets.  Continue reading “Top 5 Christmas Gifts For Girls”

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InstaRoundUp – November ep. 1

Time for another episode of my InstaRoundUp where I use the Top 5 most liked pictures from my Instagram profile, as voted for by my followers, and I try to provide more context for my readers as to what was actually going on in my life at that moment, or the back story of the post.

Let’s get on with the show …

In at No. 5 we have the image I created for my blog post entitled Has The Gender Neutral Movement Gone Too Far? This post was a bit of a rant. I felt like I had been mommy shamed after my post about 25 Things Moms Of Girls Will Understand! where I was having a bit of a laugh and embracing the fact that my girls like pink things and pretty girly things etc. There seems to be a general consensus that girls who like pretty things only do so because that’s what we as their parents expose them to and force down their throats, and that these types of girls will never amount to “anything of consequence” and are more likely to be destined for the lifestyle of a WAG or Reality TV life. I vehemently object to that idea, just for the record. My post goes on to just call for calm and a reality check and let’s all just realise that kids do actually have a mind of their own and just because my daughter chooses the pink frilly dress doesn’t mean she may not end up being leader of her own prison gang! Consider yourselves forewarned.  Continue reading “InstaRoundUp – November ep. 1”

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I Am More Than “Just A Mommy Blogger” feat. Muller Kids 

Welcome to the second installment in my five-part mini-series. The series features five different South African Mommy Bloggers each week so we can get to know what else they do, other than ‘just being a mommy blogger’. Last week we featured Jeanne-Riëtte from Mamma Chef of Jozi, and this week we are delighted to be featuring Kim from Muller Kids!

Kim is a full-time working mum but is currently on maternity leave, taking care of her latest precious gift her beautiful four-week old baby girl, and of course taking care of herself too.

So Kim, tell us a bit more about you?

16649437_10154142803502273_8276592806165168999_nIf you don’t know me yet, my name is Kim and I blog over at Muller Kids. I have two boys, Matthew who is six years old, and Ethan who is three, and I recently gave birth to a little girl Harper who is just four weeks old. I am married to my best friend and voice of reason for almost eight years. I love Star Wars and Harry Potter and if I could, I would spend most of my time baking delicious treats for everyone.

I work in the finance department at MWEB. My job is not the most exciting there is but it’s a means of income for our family of five. I have a passion for events coordinating and I hope to get into that field in the near future.

Blog Header

How did your blog start?

I started my blog when I was pregnant with Matthew. At the time it was to document my pregnancy for future reference, as I always knew I was going to have more than one child. I loved reading others people’s blogs about their pregnancy experiences and figured I should start my own.

As usually happens, my blog has evolved to not only document all three pregnancies but I also chat about marriage, life’s ups and downs, and what life is like with my kids.

Even though I love blogging, it’s not the only thing I do. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, a colleague. I’m also a baker, creator, party planner and gamer. Although there is never enough time to do all the things I love, especially now with a newborn baby in the house, I do try to spend as much time with my family as possible.

As a full-time working mom, it’s hard finding the time to spend meaningful moments with my boys, let alone to do the things I love. I leave home at 6am and get home after 6pm. Then it’s a rush to get dinner started, get the boys bathed and fed and into bed by 8pm. It’s not easy to find the time to do all that and spend some quality moments with your spouse. And I know it’s going to be even harder when I go back to work after my maternity leave.

At the moment blogging is not as easy as before – why is it so hard to write and finish a blog post with a newborn baby in the house? All they do is sleep right? Unless they just want to sleep while being cuddled by you. Do you know how hard it is to type with one hand? Or the fact that the second you put baby down in her cot, she startles awake and you have to start all over. Then there’s the saying ‘sleep when baby sleeps’ hahahahaha how even? This scene is too familiar for most moms. Whether it is writing a blog post or having a warm cup of tea.

Blogging is an outlet for me that doesn’t take too much time out of my day. It’s something to do to get the thoughts out of my head and into cyberspace before those thoughts drive me crazy.

DIY headband to try and cover her hair loss 😂

A post shared by Kim Muller (@kimmuller01) on

Why do I love Muller Kids?

Kim writes from her heart. She doesn’t shy away from writing about the reality of life, much like myself. I know it’s great to read about how well everyone is doing etc, but sometimes we need blogs like Kim’s where she shares the good and the not so great. It’s not about ‘misery loves company’, it’s about a sense of this is ‘real life’, and about a good healthy dose of reality! I love this. I love honesty. Kim’s blog is real. One of my favourite posts from Kim is one called ‘Juggling The Balls’ – don’t we as moms always feel like we’re juggling constantly.

Please go check out Muller Kids – it’s a great blog. Recently, as a south african mommy blogger Kim has written a lot about her pregnancy as well as products for babies and moms with some great tips and advice!

Thanks so much for taking part Kim! Enjoy the time at home with your beautiful family.

You can follow Kim on the her social media profiles by clicking on the links below:


Instagram: @kimmuller01

Twitter: @KimMul01



If you want to read the first introductory post I did explaining more about my thoughts behind this mommy blogger series, please check out the post I did called I Am More Than “Just A Mommy Blogger”!  

Have a blessed week everyone.


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Has The Gender Neutral Movement Gone Too Far?

If you haven’t heard about the ‘Gender Neutral’ movement yet, (maybe you’re living under a rock – *kidding*), there is a new crusade currently happening around gender neutral clothing!

I’m about to have a little rant here. You are forewarned! This post is heavily laden with sarcasm, my opinions and lots of eye rolling and tutting!

What is that?

Well some people have an issue with ‘all’ girls clothing being pink or purple, and ‘all’ boys clothing being blue or green. It spills over into the toys too, but my rant is specifically about the clothing! And if you could see my face now I’d be rolling my eyes so far back in my head they may commit me!  Continue reading “Has The Gender Neutral Movement Gone Too Far?”

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Let Them See You  

Today’s post is a little reminder to myself really. We spend so much time shielding our kids from the bad things in life. I mean let’s be honest, how many of us switch channels when the news report cuts to the aftermath of a bombing in the Middle East? Me! I do that.

I don’t do it because I don’t care, I do it because I don’t believe my six-year-old needs to see some child with his leg blown off screaming for his parents. My mommy heart struggles with that one. I don’t think she needs to see that right now. That’s my personal opinion for now, and the position I’m taking on that, for now. Sorry, Not sorry.

My post from last week was about my eldest dealing with a bullying issue. Actually, I’m going to rephrase that. We dealt with it, my husband and I dealt with it together.  Continue reading “Let Them See You  “

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25 Things Moms Of Girls Will Understand!

I am a mom of two little girls. I have no sons, in fact only one member of my extended family has a son. I have four sisters, my one sister only has girls, my sisters-in-law only have girls, my cousins have girls except for the one boy. ONE! I even have a stepdaughter too so I am highly qualified when it comes to being a mom of girls.

So, with that said there are a few things you come to realise about life with girls that, like it or not, are a reality.

Let me know if you recognise any of these:

  1. The drip-tray in your kitchen is always filled with pink plastic-wear. Always! Pink cups, pink plates, pink drinking bottles. Pink, Pink, Pink.
  2. Despite you professing during pregnancy that you would never dress them in pink, whenever there is a ‘come in any one colour’ dress up day at school they’ll be wearing pink, maybe with a dash of purple … just to ‘shake things up’, but always pink!
  3. Knickers – there are knickers everywhere, all the time, in various sizes, in various colours. They seem to change their knickers as often as they change their minds!
  4. You know all the My Little Pony characters by name and mane colour and refer to them in conversation with your children as if they are real live friends! “Where is Princess Celestia?” or “Pinkie-Pie is not coming with to school!”
  5. You own at least five different Barbie movies, probably more.
  6. You hate Frozen because you have watched it so many times you can recite it word for word and the market is flooded with Frozen merchandise!
  7. You love Moana because she isn’t Frozen!
  8. They either MUST dress the same, or they MUST NEVER dress the same. The position on this changes almost daily, and you never really know which way to go when you wake up in the morning, but either way you are never fully prepared.
  9. As sisters they either love each other, or hate each other. This situation changes on a minute by minute basis. Again, unless you’re a sister of a sister, you will not understand. Even then the phrase ‘pick a side’ comes to mind.
  10. Daddy is number one, until he eventually decides to discipline them and then their hearts are broken forever and you might hate him a little bit too. Kidding my love! 
  11. Mommy’s make-up is never safe. Ever! No matter where you might put it or try to hide it, they’ll find it. Don’t even bother buying the nice stuff.
  12. They have more shoes at any one point in time in their lives than you have ever had in your whole life!
  13. You will have spent roughly a trillion dollars on hair-ties, hair clips, hair bows and slides, but you are currently clinging to the last one you can find in your house.
  14. There is only one exception to the point above, the spare hair-band in your handbag, but you NEVER take it out – ever. That one is for emergencies! I’m not sure what kind of hair emergency there might be yet, but I’ll be prepared.
  15. They must dance, wherever they are, whenever they feel like it, and you must watch them, always! The world is their stage. Just don’t laugh! Never laugh.
  16. Your drains will always be blocked. Always. I’m convinced mine have lost more hair in the bath in their lifetime than is currently on their heads, and they have a lot of hair.
  17. You are always wrong. They are always right. You were born yesterday. Deal with it. (This may not only be applicable to girls but I have no idea.)
  18. Mommy’s high-heeled shoes are “waaayyy” better than theirs. Waaayy! They must be worn when mommy is on her last nerve just to tip you over the edge with that *click clack* sound. You don’t even wear heels anymore.
  19. You constantly hear your own words coming out of their sassy mouths and have to bite your lip to stop yourself from laughing, or crying. Either one.
  20. You constantly hear your mother’s voice coming out of your mouth, and you want to cry and beg her forgiveness for everything! I’m sorry mom!
  21. Your parents love them more than they loved you. And you don’t mind.  (Again, probably not unique to girls.)
  22. At least one doll in the house has had a haircut, and you’re lucky if it’s just the doll and not them.
  23. They are like magpies – anything that shines is pretty. Glitter, sequins, sparkly candy. Any of it.
  24. They like to whine, so most of us mommy’s also need to wine, that or eat cake.
  25. They are hormonal and moody from the day they are born. God help me in the teenage years!

I could go on but I think I’ve made my point.

So to all the moms of girls out there, *big hugs* – we’ll get through it together.

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I Am More Than "Just A Mommy Blogger" – feat. MammaChef Jozi!

Welcome to my new five-part mini-series entitled “I Am More Than “Just A Mommy Blogger”.

Over the course of the series, I will be featuring five ladies, who are all moms who blog.  The aim of this series is to find out a bit more about what they do other than being moms and bloggers because, as we all know, we wear so many different ‘hats’ that to pigeonhole us into just one category isn’t the smartest thing to do.

For this first week I am featuring the lovely Jeanne-Riette from Mamma Chef Of Jozi. When she isn’t being a mom and blogging, she is a business owner and entrepreneur who runs her own HR and Payroll consulting agency.

So, Jeanne-Riëtte, tell us a bit more about you?

Mamma-Chef-Jozi-ProfileI have been blessed with two beautiful boys, an amazing husband and step daughter and a name that nobody can pronounce – my name is Jeanne-Riëtte and I blog at MammaChef Jozi.
Life has taken some interesting twists and turns  to bring me to where I am today and I simply wouldn’t have it any other way! We are a true modern family living in lovely, lively Johannesburg. Having been a housewife in a small town for some time, I suddenly found myself at 29 with a four-month old baby, going through a divorce and living with a friend/angel in Joburg. Fast Forward eight years on and my husband and I now have a daughter who is 21 (his), an eight year old sports nut (mine) and a four-year old boy with the most colourful imagination (ours)… and don’t forget the dog!
I started my career a little later than most, however with a degree in Industrial Psychology and a lot of intervention from the universe I got a temp job doing admin for a labour lawyer. This grew to later spending a few years as HR and Payroll Manager for a group of companies, then to consulting and a while later I started my own HR Consulting company. I partnered with a recruitment specialist to form a complete package, providing recruitment and outsourced HR and Payroll to businesses in Gauteng – Majenta Personnel.
I cook every day, weekends included. We do have the occasional takeaway or toasted cheese but I like to cook healthy and balanced meals. I cook from scratch so that I know what goes into our food and I also prefer to use organic produce so that we know where our food comes from. This saves me money and really doesn’t take as much time as you would think!


How did your blog start?

I started with a family What’sApp group, sharing what’s for dinner with photos. This eventually spread to colleagues and friends. One day someone suggested I start a Facebook page and as I have always wanted to write and have an ongoing creative outlet, I just decided to go for it!
I absolutely love every minute of it and the idea isn’t to charge money or make anything from it. It’s just my little space on the interweb, to inspire, to share ideas, share healthy meals and spread some love!

Why Do I Love MammaChef Jozi?

Have you seen the blog? It is beautiful. Every single post is stunning. Not only will you find posts about food, but there is an entire section dedicated to Inspiration. Don’t we all need a bit of that every now and then?

Her recipes are inspiring. They really are simple, easy to make from scratch and not intimidating for those of us who just cook to survive and feed our families, not because we know what we’re doing really.

One of the recipes I personally tried a few months ago was this one – it was so easy and my kids ate it without even arguing #winning:

Newly launched on the MammaChef Jozi website is this beautiful weekly Meal Planner. MammaChef Jozi will be launching her new Free Printable Recipe cards on her site, so stand by for those which will become available over the following week. Those will be available directly on the MammaChef Jozi website so make sure you are following her on her various social media platforms for when they are available! They are the same stunning design as the Meal Plan with easy and simple instructions on how to cook the perfect family meals!

I know I’ve added lots of links to her social media already, but because I love sharing the blog love, here they all are again:

Thanks Jeanne-Riëtte for being our first “I Am More Than Just A Mommy Blogger”.

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