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My Real Life To Do List for today!

Today’s image is my actual ‘To Do’ List, today.

  • Fairy wings – to go with the Disney Fairy outfits I’ve made for them for the Shrove Tuesday dress up day at school tomorrow, because store bought costumes are too common they want to be different! πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
  • Motorbike Tyre – this involved following my husband in the car while he’s on his motorbike so he can get new tyres put on it and I can take the new tyres in the car and collect the old ones (because you can never dispose of the old ones, they MUST be stored!) FFS πŸ™„
  • School fees – PAY them or else I have to home-school them and that ain’t gonna happen! 😳
  • Cat food – cos mommy’s babies need MORE food: what do you think?Β img_2734
  • Electricity – Go and buy pre-paid electricity or I will be heading out at 04.00am AGAIN! Yes, I like to live life on the edge! 😎
  • Wine – because this is my actual list; a short illustration into the daily chores of this Stay-At-Home-Mom. 🍷
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    1. The electricity supplier for our unit doesn’t do those. It’s so frustrating! And it can ONLY be purchased from one particular outlet so I can’t even get it at the same time as my groceries etc. madness – this is 2017!

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