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Social Media And Our Kids – Are We Ready?

My kids are tech kids. They love watching the TV, iPads, YouTube and generally anything screen related. I don’t object to them using technology at all, in fact I embrace it. They have to understand it and know how to use it. But when it comes to social media and our kids, should we be cautious? At what age should we start to worry, or be concerned, or limit their screen time? Whether we like it or not, their future will revolve around technology.

It’s that last bit that scares me.

I recently attended a talk organized by our school. The talk was by social media law expert, Emma Sadlier of The Digital Law Company.

I attended the talk more as a mommy blogger, rather than as a parent. I was interested to hear a professional talk on the subject. At the back of my mind I always tell myself that my girls are still young, I don’t have to worry too much about all the bad stuff on the net, yet.

I mean, I watch them watch YouTube, right? I put the PG rating setting on so they’ll be okay, right? I’m a blogger, I run a parenting blog. I know social media, I will be able to protect them when the time comes, right? Continue reading “Social Media And Our Kids – Are We Ready?”


#Dreamteam Linky – Week 104

I can’t believe it! I am a guest host for one of the coolest linkys out there, the #Dreamteam linky! This is THE linky to link to on a Tuesday morning from 06.00am (UK Time). I will try to be cool about this, but that’s probably not going to happen! The #Dreamteam linky is one of the first linkys I joined when I started blogging. It is one of the best ways to discover new blogs and read some inspirational and relatable blog posts.

The #Dreamteam linky is hosted by Annette from 3 Little Buttons, and Heather from Shank You Very Much! The linky is open to posts from everyone everywhere. All posts are welcome, parenting, travel, creative, hilarious – this is the place to be! Thanks ladies for having me along for the week. I hope I don’t mess it up! (There I go, being cool n’all!)

On to the Linky … Continue reading “#Dreamteam Linky – Week 104”

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Girl Mom Hack | How To Avoid Losing The Doll Shoes!

Moms of boys always complain about standing on lego. Well that may be painful, but as a mom of girls I can attest to the fact that standing on a tiny sharp and pointy doll shoe is equally as painful! Now I can’t help you lego moms, but I do have an awesome hack for all moms of girls to solve the show problem.

I don’t know about your kids, but my girls like to immediately undress their new dolls. They swap the clothes and the shoes and have an awesome time! And then a week later, everything looks a little over-loved, and the dolls start to resemble a 20-year-old at the end of the night after a bit too much partying! Her clothes are all disheveled and she’s lost her shoes!! Continue reading “Girl Mom Hack | How To Avoid Losing The Doll Shoes!”

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Why I Chose Wise Eye Reading Academy

When we decided to make the move to the UK, I was filled with huge anxiety. The main trigger for this, at the top of my quite extensive list, is helping the girls to adjust to their new lives as we make them move across the world to a place they’ve never been. One of the biggest issues I know they are going to face is with their schooling. That is why I contacted our local Wise Eye Reading Academy.

What Did I Want To Achieve? Why is their reading ability so important to me?

Children in South Africa go to Grade One when they are six-years-old turning seven, or later. Children in the UK go to Grade One the September after they turn four! Now, I am not a teacher, I have not thoroughly compared the curriculum between the two countries educational systems. I am just a mom who is filled with anxiety as I stress and worry about how I can best help my children to ‘catch-up’ as much as they can before we get to the UK. Continue reading “Why I Chose Wise Eye Reading Academy”


Turn Off The Noise!

I think it’s time to turn off the noise.

As parents we can become sidetracked from our own mission of what we believe to be right or wrong when we listen to everyone else’s opinions too much. It is easy to worry that we aren’t doing enough, or we’re doing too much. It’s human nature to compare and contrast, but at the end of the day we need to decide what is best for our own children and then turn off the noise! I know what I’m talking about, because I used to be a sheep!

As a blogger we move in certain circles and whilst competition can be healthy, when you become preoccupied with what everyone else is doing and the way they’re doing it, you can lose sight of your goals as well. Who got what campaign. How did that person’s post compare with yours? What did so-and-so get paid to be part of that campaign. This mentality was extremely bad for my anxiety, so I took the decision to turn off the noise!

How To Irritate Me & Lose Credibility!

Continue reading “Turn Off The Noise!”


Self Love Makes Exceptional Moms

Self love? What does it mean exactly?

Well, for moms, it’s can be a bit of an obscure concept.

We’re very familiar with love, the kind of love that’s unstoppable and generally flows in torrents in the direction of our family. This love is demonstrated not just in hugs and cuddles, but in the form of lunch boxes, clean clothes, putting tired little bodies to bed, and consoling a toddler whose ice-cream just met the road.

Pause for a minute and think of the last time you directed some of that loving care your own way? An extra 20 minutes in the bath, an indulgent bite of your favorite chocolate or a binge session of that embarrassingly ridiculous series? All that, in a nutshell, is self love. And if the last sentence made you sigh a little sigh of “YES PLEASE!!!”, then you’re about to learn just how to work these simple pleasures into your manic-mom routine. Continue reading “Self Love Makes Exceptional Moms”