Bittersweet Milestone
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Bittersweet Milestones

As a mother, our job is to prepare our children for life without us. Although we know that this is our job, all the  bittersweet milestones we have to deal with, take a piece of our mama heart with them!

As I sit and type this, I find myself reeling with the emotions I am forcing myself to feel and deal with.

Let’s Face It!

For the past week or so I have not had any inspiration to actually write. Then I read a post by a fellow South African blogger, Venean from In the Meantime where she was both celebrating and sad about the fact that her son is self-weaning. Reading it made me feel both emotional and inspired at the same time. It definitely touched something in my soul that made me rush home and start typing. Continue reading “Bittersweet Milestones”

Am I Even A Woman Anymore
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Am I Even A Woman Anymore?

Lately I’ve been contemplating my life. You only need to read a few of my more recent posts to understand what I’m talking about …

Last month I had to go and get my fingerprints taken at the traffic department. No big deal, it was for my SA Drivers License. Unfortunately the machine was struggling to read my prints. Apparently this is quite common and in cases like this the machine finds it easier to scan your prints if you put on hand-cream or something similar. I don’t know why.

The lady operating the fingerprint machine suggested that I put some hand-cream on, gesturing to my oversized handbag, expecting me to whip some out! Continue reading “Am I Even A Woman Anymore?”

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My #Instaweek Round-up: Aug Week 3

The fact that I usually post these Instagram Round-ups over the weekend, and I’m only getting around to it today now that it’s Monday gives you a small indication of how hectic life has been this weekend.

Day trip to Jozi, braaing with friends, feeling generally rubbish and now my youngest and I both have a cold. It’s been crazy.

Nevertheless, let’s get this show on the road …

No. 5: The bottom of my laundry basket! Can you believe it! I thought it was a myth, but on the 15th of August 2017, I finally discovered it! I never thought the day would come and so had to take photographic evidence! Who knew? Needless to say, it’s full now, as is the spare – basically a weekend hangover for mom’s is double laundry on a Monday.  Continue reading “My #Instaweek Round-up: Aug Week 3”

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**Glimmies Giveaway**

My girls are obsessed with the various collectibles that seem to be all the rage right now, and it seems that no matter how many you buy they always want the ones they don’t have.

When the parcel from the lovely people at Prima Toys arrived, it was excitedly ripped open to reveal a Glimtern Glimmie. To say that the girls were over the moon excited is an understatement of epic proportions. Continue reading “**Glimmies Giveaway**”

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Beach Bums

Whilst most kids went back to school yesterday, we are still ‘on holiday’. ‘Holiday’ is a loose term. We’re actually still checking out some stuff here in East London such as schools, houses, etc. whilst planning our move.

To say that it’s getting us all a bit down is an understatement. It’s quite literally exhausting, stressful and confusing. The nightmare statement in our ‘house’ right now is  “We have another house viewing”. If you’re not sure what I mean, check out my post from last week: 5 Top Tips for House Hunting With Kids 

Continue reading “Beach Bums”

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On This Day

One of my favourite features of Facebook is the ‘On This Day’ one, when Facebook reminds you what you were doing that day in years gone by. I love it because quite often the memory of the moment that status went up, or that picture was taken almost transport me back in time emotionally and I can relive the memories of that day, the good and the bad memories – either way, it’s always a reminder of how far we have come.

This is how my life has played out on this day over the past 10 years according to Facebook.

Continue reading “On This Day”

7 Genius Ideas To Keep Kids Busy and Get Stuff Done
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7 Genius Ideas To Keep Kids Busy AND Get Stuff Done!

If you need a few ideas on how to keep kids busy, here’s a list I came up with out of sheer desperation.

A few weeks ago I was having a rough afternoon with the girls. “Rough” as in they were bored out of their minds and driving me crazy. All I wanted was for them to find a task to do that would keep them busy long enough for me to pour a glass of wine, and maybe have a sip or two! That’s all.

Out of sheer desperation I managed to convince them that picking all the purple berries off the two messy bushes in the garden was an awesome and extremely fun activity. After my post on the success of this activity, a few other people have suggested other genius ways of keeping the kids busy so you can actually drink wine get stuff done, so I thought I’d pull the ideas together to share so that we might all regain a little bit of our sanity whilst getting a bit of our own back  some household chores done.  Continue reading “7 Genius Ideas To Keep Kids Busy AND Get Stuff Done!”

I Cant Keep Calm Im a Soccer Mom
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I Can't Keep Calm, I'm a Soccer Mom!

The day has finally arrived. After weeks of practicing and planning, and counting down of sleeps, tomorrow is finally the annual school 5-a-side soccer tournament.

It’s gonna be huge. Continue reading “I Can't Keep Calm, I'm a Soccer Mom!”

Just A Moment
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Just A Moment

A minute. 60 seconds. A moment.

As a wife and mother, my family expect me to be able to do a multitude of tasks whenever they need it done. I am not complaining, and I am not alone. There are millions of us.

We are the consummate professionals at juggling life.

We are expected to switch from one task to another in the blink of an eye, to satisfying the needs of our family right then and there, whatever it might be, at any time of the day or night. It’s all part of the job, so ‘they’ say.  Continue reading “Just A Moment”

Mom Life Handbag Contents
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5 Things I Never Leave The House Without

I have tried many times to downsize my handbag. Many. Many. Times.

I continue to fail. Every time I start using a small, slick, pretty little purse style handbag I end up needing something I would usually carry but have had to compromise on because all you can really fit in a small bag is your phone, lipstick and one single key!

The liberated feeling of euphoria I experienced when I was finally able to ditch the baby bag, seems like a distant memory right now.

Half the time I prepare to leave the house I contemplate leaving my bag at home but I always chicken-out at the last minute because, what if …

  • What if the kids touch something dirty, I won’t have my travel pack of wet wipes.
  • What if someone has mucus running out their nose or sneezes a big greeny, I will need tissues.
  • What if they somehow destroy my perfect mom-bun, I will never be able to fix it without my ‘handbag brush’.
  • What if we get stuck in a queue and I don’t have any ‘distraction sweets’. You know the ones, the ones they slip you when you pay for your meal at the restaurant, they are essential for stopping the whining “how much longer moooom?”
  • What if I need a card from my purse – the hugest purse in the world. This is not because I have lots of money in it, in fact it contains minimal money, but it does hold all the store cards, just in case I go somewhere where I might be asked “do you have our loyalty card?” I can honestly answer “Yes! I have ALL the cards!”
  • What if my lips get dry and I need lip gloss which must match my outfit therefore I need 3 different shades.

Besides the list of things above, my top 5 things I never leave the house without are as follows:

  1. Keys: both car and house/garden/postbox/other miscellaneous keys for houses we no longer live in!
  2. Sunglasses, usually perched on my head.
  3. Handbag containing all previously mentioned things above just in case …
  4. Phone – of course.
  5. Tampons – because being a woman sux hard sometimes, usually unexpectedly and inconveniently! *can you see me rolling my eyes?*

What are your top 5? Would you make any substitutions to my list?


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