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6 Things To Do In Bloemfontein for Under R50

Bloemfontein, also known as ‘The City of Roses’, is one of South Africa’s three capital cities – the Judicial Capital. It is located right in the middle of the country and is rich in South African cultural history, from the Anglo Boer War to the birthplace of the ANC.

It’s fair to say that a trip to ‘Bloem’ is a must if you want to experience a real taste of South Africa and delve into its cultural heritage and diversity.  It is also the capital of the Free State, the home to the Toyota Cheetahs Rugby team, and the University of the Free State (UFS).

Located as it is in central South Africa, it has excellent transport links to all corners of the country. It is directly on the N1 route which is the national highway that links the very top of South Africa to the very bottom – Cape Town and is the perfect place to stop-over on your journey. The Bram Fischer airport offers a large selection of domestic and regional flights to most of the major airports in the country. To take advantage of the many flight deals available to get you to Bloem, whether for business or pleasure, you must check out the Cheapflights website.

I was asked to write a sponsored post for the Cheapflights website to be featured in their Cheap & Free blog category. This was perfect for me as I live close to Bloem and have visited it many times both for business, pleasure and of course … shopping! In this post I have listed the top 6 things to do in Bloem for under R50! Yes, R50! A fantastic list of activities, especially for families!

Please do check out the link for ideas on what to do, where to go, and a taste of what Bloemfontein has to offer. I wasn’t joking about the historical importance of the city – the museums, monuments and art galleries are endless.

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My 3 Strike Superstition
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My 'Three Strike" Superstition 

Superstition. Signs. Warning. God. The Universe. A mother’s intuition.

Whatever you want to call it or whoever you want to credit it with, I have a ‘3 Strikes & Stop’ rule that I listen to.

What do I mean you ask? Continue reading “My 'Three Strike" Superstition “

3 Countries In 3 Days Day 3
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3 Countries In 3 Days: Day 3

Day 3 dawned at Afriski Mountain Resort. We were all tired, but eager to get up and actually see the resort since we’d arrived at night and couldn’t make out much.

To say that it was cold is an understatement!

Temperature = -1.5°C (That’s MINUS 1.5 degrees celcius!)

Elevation = 3054m above sea level.

Location = Afrisk Mountain Resort, Lesotho.

Continue reading “3 Countries In 3 Days: Day 3”

3 Countries In 3 Days Day 2 South Africa Swaziland Lesotho
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3 Countries In 3 Days: Day 2

After our exhilarating first day on the bikes, day two dawned bright and early. We knew we had a long way to go and so decided to forgo breakfast at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary and rather break for breakfast later on in the day.

On my way to check out, I caught site of the resident family of warthogs warming themselves by the fire, as well as the Nyala who were completely unfazed by us clumping around them in our biker gear.  Continue reading “3 Countries In 3 Days: Day 2”

Travel Quote Blessed Are The Curious For They Shall Have Adventures
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My Wanderlust

I am so excited I could almost burst.

If you read my post from a few weeks ago you will know my husband and I are getting 3 days away to ourselves while my mom and step-dad come visit to look after the girls.

Technically they are looking after the girls but I think we all know that the girls will breathe fresh life into them and recharge their batteries, whilst spoiling the girls with love and attention, as all grandchildren do and deserve.

But nonetheless our trip is booked, our route is planned, our accommodation reserved. Continue reading “My Wanderlust”

Bloemfontein Botanical Gardens
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Day Out: Bloemfontein Botanical Gardens 

When you live in a small town you quickly exhaust all the attractions your little town has to offer. Whilst we spend a lot of time in Joburg, it’s really far to go for a few hours change of scenery.

So off to ‘Bloem’ we went. We’ve been a few times but usually just to the big malls for Christmas shopping, or for business reasons.

Having consulted Trip Advisor the Botanical Gardens were one of the top recommended attractions and they did not disappoint.  Continue reading “Day Out: Bloemfontein Botanical Gardens “

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Galentine's Day 20 Years Ago

Today is Galentine’s day. The day before Valentine’s day when you are supposed to celebrate the day with all your Gal-Pals.

Today there is a photo circulating on my facebook profile. It’s a photo of my five friends and I, in our school uniforms, each holding a red rose. I remember that day like it was yesterday. It is in fact 20 years old! Continue reading “Galentine's Day 20 Years Ago”


I Want More For Them

When I was a little girl, I can remember thinking that to be married and have children must be the best thing you could ever have, if you can achieve that, your life will be perfect.

I have ‘achieved’ that, and my life is pretty perfect. I’m very blessed.

But … I want so much more for my daughters. My husband and I BOTH want more for our daughters than what I (as a woman) have.  Continue reading “I Want More For Them”