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My Mother's Day Spoils

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an Open Letter To My Husband About Mother’s Day. I know he read it so in the run up, expectiations were high. However during the week in the run up to Mother’s Day, we realised we would have to tweak my ‘wish list’ so that it was a bit more aligned with reality. So how did I spend Mother’s Day? Continue reading “My Mother's Day Spoils”

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Do You Have "Mom Brain"?

Today is May the 4th. When I was tagged in yet another May The Fourth picture, I started to realise that maybe I’m missing something here because all these lovely people who are tagging me can’t possibly know that I have never watched Star Wars, and therefore won’t get the joke they are all kindly trying to include me in. It must be a joke.   Continue reading “Do You Have "Mom Brain"?”

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Valentine's Day Fun

Over the Christmas holidays, we stayed with friends that we hadn’t been on holiday with before. It’s always a little stressful going away with people for the first time. It can either make or break a friendship.

I was also worried about my husband getting bored. Yes, him. Not the kids! Him!

During my Christmas Shopping expedition, I bought a board game, something I don’t normally do, and something I was sure at the time I was probably wasting my money on. I guess if nothing else, I could give it away as a last minute gift should I need to. I didn’t, thanks goodness.

The game was Battle of the Sexes, and it was AWESOME! The long and short of it is basically the men are on one team and the women are on another. The men ask the women a series of typical male orientated questions and vice versa.

For example:

  • Q Men to women: When a lunker steals your stringer, what are you doing?
  • A: Fishing


  • Q Women to Men: A wand is often used for applying what type of make-up?
  • A: Mascara.

It really makes you see your partner in a new light, so be prepared.

As most of my readers and followers are moms or dads, which probably means that around 90% of us are staying in tonight for Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be a fun idea to put together a few light-hearted questions you and your partner could ask each other tonight to test the memories of your relationship.

Here are a few ideas for the ladies to ask the men:

  1. What is the name of the first movie we ever watched together?
  2. What is my favourite restaurant?
  3. What is my favourite perfume?
  4. What is the washing powder brand we use?
  5. Where are the keys supposed to be kept?

Here are a few for the men to ask the ladies:

  1. Who do we bank with?
  2. What is the registration number of my car?
  3. Where are my socks?
  4. Where is the remote?
  5. When can we go to bed?

Just kidding – I’m not a man, how should I know what they want to ask?! Although I’m pretty sure no. 5 is somewhere on their list?

Top Tips:

  • Keep it light
  • Keep it short
  • Don’t get offended
  • Drink some wine!

My question to my husband today (just to test if he’s reading this) – do you recognise the featured image of this post? Where is it from? Love you. xxx

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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I'm A Confrontation Avoider

I am not good at confrontation.

In fact, my own mother calls me a doormat (with all the love in the world). I can’t tell you how many times I can remember her saying to me, “God gave you a backbone, use it!”

After 35 years of trying, I’ve got a bit better, but I still hate any form of confrontation.  Continue reading “I'm A Confrontation Avoider”

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Healthy Lifestyle Update

This post is dedicated to my husband. I have never met anyone with the immense will power that he has. He decided in December that come the 1st of January he will be on a healthy eating plan, with the aim of losing around 20kgs.

I was all for this and I am happy to support him and helping him achieve his goal, and in fact it was on MY list of Goals for 2017Continue reading “Healthy Lifestyle Update”


Married in COP – today's rant!

When you are young and in love, and the relevant important body asks you how you want to be married, your answer is usually something stupid like “In Church” or “In a Garden” or “On the beach”. Continue reading “Married in COP – today's rant!”

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My goals for 2017

I know I’m a bit late, but I’ve never been ‘early’ in my life! 

I hate the term ‘New Years Resolution’. There is such a stigma attached to it and it becomes a chore to stick to rather than a desire. So instead of that, I have set myself goals for 2017 which are personal to me. 

Here they are: 

1. To participate more in family activities instead of being overly cautious due to my 2 hip replacements, or safely clinging to my job as ‘family photographer’. 

2. To complete my TESOL course by midyear. 

3. To teach my girls how to be more independent i.e. pick up their wet towels, throw their dirty washing INSIDE the laundry basket, no towel before swimming = no towel, help me tidy up after dinner at the table, put their shoes away, dress themselves. I think at 3 & 5 this is not too much to ask! 

4. Help my husband achieve his weight loss goal and make healthy eating more of a lifestyle rather than using that heinous word ‘diet’! 

5. To do more things that make my soul happy, and to achieve that I have to accept help when it’s offered. 

6. To spend more time focusing on my husband – the girls have consumed my attention for over 5 years, my husband has been patient enough but now we need more time to focus on each other now, again. See no. 5 above re accepting help when it’s offered. 

So that’s it. I have not made it a 3 point list, or 5 point list. It’s a list of 6 things that I want to achieve. 

So far I am doing okay – today I participated in Zip-Lining with my husband and kids! So glad I did it! We had such fun and I’m actually in some of the photos! Shocking!😱

Just another 11&1/2 months to go! Lol 

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Sulking wife! 

Picture shows the photo of my husband’s coffee this morning. And mine. 

He is on the side of the road somewhere in the Northern Cape. 

I am sitting in a coffee shop waiting for my car to be washed. 

I’m sulking with jealousy because I would much rather be roughing it on a motorbike tour of this beautiful country than watching people pack a 6 pack of 2l cokes into their cars after bracing the wild crowds of Checkers on Black Friday. (Crazy people!) 

Once again, no one to help with the kids means I miss out on a fun adventure.

I’m sure my time will come. Or maybe I had it in my early 20s living it up in London. 

Despite being jealous I’m glad he’s having a good time. I pray he is safe on the roads (motorbikes still scare me!) and I at least get to see the pics he sends me. 

I do hope he feels a little bit guilty though. 

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Today, I am tired … But that's okay.

It was an exhausting weekend with my eldest having a fever on and off. 

Last night went something like this: 

17.30 – feed family the roast if cooked all afternoon. 

18.00 – bath kids.

18.30 – go out to fetch meds for my husband at the late night pharmacy.

19.00 – husband must’ve read my blog I need space because he took the kids and the three of them lay in bed watching TV, giving me some space. I watched Big Bang Theory, had a glass of wine and caught up on Facebook. Eldest went to bed around 20.00 after another dose of ibuprofen as the fever was back. 

21.00 – I went to bed. I was so thankful for the couple of hours where I was alone and did not have to even utter a word. Bliss. Yes, I know I’m selfish. 

00.30 – youngest wet her bed. I had obviously not monitored her liquid intake and as she fell asleep watching tv she hadn’t been to the loo before bed. So I got up, changed her and put her in the bed with us. She is the kicker referred to in one of my previous posts! Today I Suck!

01.00 – the eldest comes through, hot, feverish, thirsty. I get her water. She insists I lie with her but as she’s already steaming hot I curl up at the bottom of her bed. She proceeds to fidget, kick, and generally not sleep until around 03.00 – thank you generic ibuprofen loaded with sugar! Why?! In this time the cats had to go out to pee separately, and the birds – I don’t actually know what happened but there was a lot of flapping and chirping, maybe one fell off its pitch – funny now, not at the time! 

03.00 – she is finally asleep, poor baby. I go back to my bed, to my snoring husband who, bless him, only snores when he is exhausted or unwell, and the kicker. 

04.00 – the kicker’s nose starts running, she needs a tissue.

05.00 – husband gets up to go to work. We discover the kicker has a fever too. 

05.30 – husband leaves, the kicker wakes up! 

That’s the end of my ‘night’. 

I hauled them ALL off to the Dr this morning. All will be well thanks to the wonders of medication! 

In all seriousness though … I hope that in years to come when they remember that mommy did get tired, I did shout, scream, and lose my temper over the little things sometimes. 

I hope that they also remember that I tried to be a good mom, and that the I loved them during those tired times, and forever. 

I don’t expect thanks, I just want them to know that.