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Commenting – You really don't have to!  

We live in a digital world. A world where the internet is a vessel and mode of information sharing that billions of people use daily.

MOST of us also live in a world of ‘free speech’ where we are allowed to voice and share our opinions on a huge range of topics – actually ALL the topics (unless you live in Zimbabwe, N. Korea, or China … to name a few, but I won’t go there today).

Where these two world combine can be a magical, wonderous, motivational, lucrative, educational and inspiring place.

It can also be a sad and scary place filled with fear, bullying, anti-social and religious persecution combined with bigotry and exploitation.

Most of us decent respectful people use the internet socially , to conduct business and to gain knowledge. Most of us respect that fact that everyone has their own opinions and we all live our lives according to what we personally stand for.

If you are still with me, I’m slowly getting to my point.

What I have an issue with is when people don’t agree with what someone writes and they then feel the need to tear that person down. It’s basically an on-line equivalent of ‘picking on’.

Please note, I am not talking about Trump, or Beyoncé, or any other politicians or famous people, although some of them need to be cut a little slack too.

I’m going to share two examples to better explain what I’m talking about.

I recently wrote a sponsored post where I was specifically asked to recommend things to do that fall within a specific budget – cheap or free to be exact. I did it. It was shared on the company’s webpage and across their social media channels. I followed up a few weeks later to see what people’s opinions were on the places I’d recommended, and I will not be doing that again. Whilst most were positive comments, some were … for lack of better words, unkind and uninformed.

The unkind and unnecessary comments were not a personal attack on me, but an attack on the place I’d written about. An attack from people I can bet had NEVER even been there, or who did not read the whole point of the post and assumed the list was exhaustive of everything to do in said place, which it most certainly was not!

Why? Why comment?

If there were errors in the post, fine. If there was blatant false information, also fine. But to comment negatively for the sake of ‘hearing your own voice’. Just keep quiet.

Example 2: A fellow blogger had her post submitted to a well known online Parenting website, had it shared all over the internet, and then the comments started rolling in. The post was about how she had enjoyed not taking her children to a wedding and ONE of her reasons was because she had a few too many drinks.

Now I’m pretty sure she’s older than 21, and I’m pretty sure she didn’t drive home drunk. So legally she didn’t break any laws! The point of the post wasn’t about her alcohol consumption, it was about kids at weddings! Some ‘do-gooder sitting on her self-righteous throne’ who had nothing better to do or say totally ripped into her post about how leaving your kids behind so you can have a few drinks is abhorrent and how “not everyone drinks, you know?”

Why? Why comment?

Two very different examples of perfect times when I do not see the point of sharing your opinion! Neither of them are adding any value. The comments were full of negativity and only really showed their own ignorance and small-mindedness.

I know that they are allowed their opinions, but surely in both these cases they should rather have just clicked the little x at the top of the screen, scrolled down, or just quite literally put their phone down!

Something I constantly tell my children, in the hopes of making sure they don’t turn into a*holes is:

If you have nothing nice to say, just be quiet!

Rant over with for today.

One Messy Mama
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Keeping Them Busy

The school term is in full swing now. We have something going on every afternoon, which is great. It’s not super stressful stuff either which I like, I firmly believe that they are still little girls and there is no need to fill their days completely. There is time enough for that when they start big school.

That being said, whilst I thought I was being a very clever mommy and enrolling them both in dancing and both in swimming. I thought it would make my life easier in terms of location, timing, etc. BUT … as one is 5 and one is 3, they have been put in different classes based on their abilities, which does make sense, but the classes are not timed according to what suits ME best. I mean really, why didn’t they consult me before drawing up their schedules!

Now on Monday and Tuesday I sit for 1/2 an hour with one of the girls while the other dances, then on a Wednesday I sit for an hour, one dances first for 1/2 an hour, then the other dances next, also for 1/2 an hour. Thursdays is swimming, and again it’s one after the other, but fortunately they each share these lessons with friends of the same age so I get some adult conversation with the other mom who is a really lovely lady, and the gym provides a children’s play area so we make use of this for the girls who aren’t in the pool.

This has been going on for three weeks now, and we’ve exhausted all the usual games: I spy; go touch that pole; count to 100; what’s in mommy’s handbag; etc – you get my point. I also don’t know what parents did while waiting in cars/outside dance studios before Smart Phones were invented?! Okay, I know, they read books, you know – the ones printed on paper that don’t require batteries.

I digress – so yesterday I decided that I would go mad sitting for an hour trying to entertain them so I decided to print off some freebie letter worksheets for my eldest to try help her improve her writing skills. She LOVES stuff like that and it makes her feel so important. Of course I only decided to do this 20 minutes before the dance class was due to start so I quickly went onto Pinterest, found the first one that looked to be at her level, and frantically printed off worksheets for letters a to f (all I had time for), grabbed the clipboard I use for them on roadtrips and off we raced to dancing.

To say it was a hit is an understatement. The youngest also wanted to do it, which was a bit of a challenge as her sister had already done the worksheets but I managed to avert another threenager public meltdown by giving her a different colour pen and re-using the same worksheet. (Clearly I operate well under pressure!) They enjoyed them so much they even carried on with them when we got home.

This morning I decided I need to ‘strike while the iron is hot’ so  I went back to the website I’d found in my rush yesterday and print off the rest of the letters. Having a bit more time to actually look around the website I am so impressed and inspired by all the free stuff that is on there. Not just free printables, but games, tasks, everything you can think of to help your preschool/nursery school child learn letters, numbers, writing, reading, spelling, etc. the list is endless!

It is called The Measured Mom and was created by Anna, a teacher turned SAHM of six!

Please check out her website if you need any of this stuff. There are freebies as well as a shop to buy more stuff. It’s aimed at moms, teachers, homeschool moms, really everybody who needs teaching aids for children!

I really can’t be more impressed! She’s also on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ – the links are on her website.

Please Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. The site has a massive following already so they hardly need to be asking little old me for a write up!

Diary of an imperfect mum
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I started this blog at the end of August, and I’m absolutely loving it. Here’s the link back to my first post: First Blog Post … here we go!

Other than my Home Page, the most popular post so far has been Today’s confession … I yell …  A Lot! haha … how funny. I remember it like it was 16.30 yesterday afternoon … let’s just say it happens often.

Thanks for all the likes. xxx




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52 Followers! Wow! 

Thanks everyone who has taken the time to read, comment and like my rambling thoughts. 

I’m on holiday at the moment but will get back to writing more regularly when I get home.

The girls are loving our holiday here in Zimbabwe, filled with family, friends, sun and fun. Today we have a busy day planned chasing peacocks and chickens, playing in the garden, running through sprays and generally tiring themselves out. 


'Free' children's book.

A few days ago I downloaded a free children’s book from Amazon. The story was good. It really was, but the copy-editing was so awful that while I read it out-loud to my kids I kept stumbling over poor punctuation, format and layout. They totally lost interest whilst I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

Which leads me to wander, is anything free really worth it? (Please don’t read too deeply in to that statement, I’m not referring to oxygen!) I really do find the general level of proper and correct standard of English in Children’s literature is below average. Aren’t these the very minds we are trying to educate and teach the correct standard. *sitting very high on my horse now*

In this day and age of self-publishing, and basically being able to write whatever you want and send it out there for the world to critique (considering this is a free blog I’m well aware that what I’m saying is somewhat ironic), do simple things like punctuation and layout not matter? 

In my opinion (as a lover of the English language) surely if you have the creative mind to write a fairly decent children’s story, but possibly not the funds to hire a copy-editor, wouldn’t you go to great lengths to try your best to ensure that your work was as good as it can be, even if that meant simply showing your family and friends and asking them their opinion? 

Maybe the author did. 

Maybe I’m just being a b*tch. 

I’ve never written a book. I’m not an Oxford educated English scholar. 

A few days after I ‘bought it’, I got one of those requests to rate the book and I rated it quite highly but in the comments section I was honest. I would hope that if I ever got the courage up to publish a formal piece of literature that someone would be respectfully honest with me too. 

This is simply just my opinion. I fully expect to be critiqued on this post!  🙈