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Too many treats … not enough tricks!

So our Halloween event has come and gone. Thank goodness! 

Last year was the first time we participated in Halloween Trick or Treat. It’s not a big thing here in SA. In fact I don’t even know or care to dig deeper into the origins of the ‘holiday’. To me and my kids it’s the opportunity to dress up in spooky costumes and knock on doors to get sweets. That’s it. 

They have been asking me for almost an entire year when the next Halloween is. All I can say is thank goodness it’s only once a year. 

About a month ago they finally decided what they wanted to dress up as – mummys. You can refer back to my previous posting about the misunderstanding or mummy/mommy: 

What’s the scariest thing to be for Halloween
Anyway, mummy’s it was. So I set about making their costumes. At first it seemed easy enough: tea-dye strips of fabric, stitch the strips to an old t-shirt and trousers, and tie the ends into knots. Easy peesy. 

Except whoever made their costume that way must be living in the opposite hemisphere to me. Once I got 1/2 way through the first shirt I realized my poor little angel was going to possible perspire to death in the outfit seeing as it was 35 degrees Celsius here at 18.00 yesterday evening. (That’s 95F) 

So I decided to sew the strips together and create a cooler costume of just a top and a skirt. 

Please bear in mind the last time i touched a sewing machine was 21 years ago – age 14. Anyway, my husband agreed I could go buy one as long as I promise to use it often not just for one costume – fair enough. 

I don’t think I did too badly. Thank goodness it was a mummy costume and supposed to be as rough as possible! It’s amazing what memories did come back to me while I was threading the machine, loading the bobbin, etc.  Mrs Maynard must have been chuckling to herself in glee watching me battle with the bobbin! Karma I guess – we were a mean. Much of girls to teach! 

So let me know what you think of my efforts. I’m quite proud of them – they turned out pretty well. Even the hair and make-up. 

The girls had a huge haul of sweets. I’ve already given 1/3 away. When we got home they literally cried from sheer sugar rush and exhaustion for about 20 minutes, before collapsing on my bed completely exhausted until this morning. 

This morning my eldest asked me when the next Halloween will be. Can you believe it?!? 

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