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Why I Laugh At My Kids!

One of the best reasons to have children is so that you always have someone to laugh at! Yes, I really said that! At the moment, the funniest of my two little girls is the Fournado!

She had me crying with laughter the other day … there were even real tears! You are going to have to stick with me with this story about why I laugh at my kids, and you will see the way it ties in at the end!

My girls are obsessed with snakes! One of their favourite things to do is to lie on top of their daddy on the sofa and watch various snake catching programmes available on the nature channels on TV. It’s their thing, the three of them, sitting there, watching snakes. In fact their career aspirations have changed recently from being an astronaut, to a pizza maker, and now they want to be snake catchers – all in the space of a week.

Their other passion is music. They often fight over who is going to pick the next song from mommy’s phone to play through the car radio, which inevitably ends in a fight and whichever song does eventually get chosen gets skipped after about 20 seconds so you never actually hear a whole song. There are a few exceptions:

  1. Laserlight by Jessie J.
  2. Firework by Katy Perryย 
  3. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift
  4. Shut-up & Dance With Me by Walk The Moon
  5. Slow Hands by Niall Horan (okay, that’s my favourite at the moment but they know better than to skip it!)

Pick & Pay ran a promotion for the second time this year with the collectible animal cards. ‘The Fournado’ finds the card with the black mamba on it and comes to me and says:

Mommy, if a black mamba bites you then your heart will stop beating and your lungs will stop breathing!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

If you don’t get why I was laughing at her … so hard … please watch the video below!

Life with a Fournado is certainly never boring! Enjoy the playlist courtesy of my girls. Don’t forget to laugh at your kids – parenting is fun!

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8 thoughts on “Why I Laugh At My Kids!”

  1. This is so funny, today I was doing the same to my kids. They were telling me about how they had to fight to put their jackets in their lockers and while talking they were acting it out. OMG, I had front row seat to “The Locker Fight”.

  2. Kids can be total hams, can’t they? I think it’s great that we can enjoy our kids in all their silly glory. And they love to entertain. My hope is that my kids will continue to share their funny escapades with me once they reach the dreaded “teen years”!

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