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A Spring Hat … By Friday

This was the instructions received yesterday … Craft a hat for your child to wear to the Spring Picnic on Friday.

Cool! Except, I am NOT a “crafty mom”.

I panicked.

I jumped on Pintrest, pinned a load of super spectacular crafted hats, ran out and bought a glue gun, some flowers, ribbon and other bits and bobs, and dug out last summer’s slightly disheveled straw hat. 

So now I’m sitting here writing this post instead of actually attempting to do anything.

I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed to be honest. I know the other moms are all pretty competitive – as evidenced by the only craft shop in town having a sudden rush of people buying craft flowers and butterflies!

If it were up to me, I’d be a lot more relaxed about this all, but I want my daughter to love her hat, be proud of it and I want her to feel special, because she is. I won’t let her down.

Thank goodness I have until Friday to perfect it!

I guess step one is going to be teaching myself how to use a glue gun! 😳

Wish me luck.

UPDATE: hats finished. LOVE the glue gun! Youngest daughter also wanted a hat so these are the end results. Still time to perfect but I’m quite proud of my efforts for now.

DIY Spring Hat
DIY decorated spring hat.
Spring Hat being modeled by my eldest
Spring Hat being modeled by my eldest
Spring Hat no. 2 for my youngest
My youngest couldn’t be left out, even though she isn’t in the parade. Here is my DIY effort for her hat.
Kitty Cat Hat
Kitty Cat Hat for my youngest with extra butterflies and ribbons.

Not bad for a first attempt. Let me know what you think.



4 thoughts on “A Spring Hat … By Friday”

  1. They look amazing! You did a great job. Even on short notice – I hate it when they do that! Maybe their reasoning is if they don’t give too much notice the competitive mums won’t have time to make jewel-encrusted bonnets with peacock butterflies and live butterflies on them. 😉

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    1. haha … thanks. I have to say that I may have fallen a little in love with my glue gun. Currently fighting the urge to wander around the house and glue everything that might need gluing! lol

      Liked by 1 person

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