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Thinking of what to feed them … Every. Single. Day!

I don’t know about you, but one of the ‘chores’ of being a Stay-at-home mom that I absolutely loathe is thinking what to feed my family. Trying to cook a meal that will be edible, excludes all ‘yukky’ items, is healthy, and is not all rabbit food, is quite frankly a thankless and stressful task. Sometimes I almost beg my husband just to tell me what he wants for dinner … And I’m quite prepared to cook whatever he asks for, just so I don’t have to make the decision! 

Before you ask, YES, I have heard of Pinterest, and I spend a good portion of my afternoons pinning delicious looking meals and menu plans etc, but realistically I don’t have half the ingredients of the “how to feed you family for under $10/R150”. I mean really, who keeps stuff like turmeric, buttermilk, cumin, asparagus, or canola oil just randomly in their pantry? And don’t get me started on all the contraptions that are required to blitz, blend, crush, or otherwise pulverise the food you’re meant to be cooking. Do most normal family kitchen’s really have EVERYTHING? Safe to say, easy and convenient is more my style.

My husband gets frustrated at having that same ten different meals shuffled around, and he doesn’t like the same thing two nights in a row. For example, if one night is mince and rice, then he doesn’t want rice the following night too. Which is fair enough I suppose. One of his favourite meals is chicken fajitas, but the kids see the dish of chicken and peppers and just start whining and gagging, and then they end up filling up on chicken pieces, bland dry empty wraps, and cheese. Peppers/onions/tomato – NO!

There is only ONE dish that I do that everyone is happy to eat! Chicken and Rice. Normally the chicken is done in a creamy sauce, and I will still spend a good five minutes per child picking out mushrooms/peppers/onions, but at least by the time I get to eat my food after jumping up at least five times to get something that has been forgotten – i.e. juice/water/napkin/spoon/fork/turn tv off/let cat in/shut bird up … they would just about have cleaned their plates and asked for more.

To top it all off, we (my husband and I) have decided that 1 September is D-Day for “get healthy & lose a bit of weight”. My role in this is to cook more healthy well rounded meals with very little (preferably no carbs) and more fresh veggies etc. I’m really not sure how well this is going to go as I’m the only one who is willing to eat salad and veggies without pulling a face or gagging!

So for tonight’s culinary feast I will be preparing chicken breasts chopped into bite size pieces, baby potatoes, and colorful veggies including carrots and peppers, which according to Pinterest I can then just roast all together in one pot for 15 minutes. This remains to be seen … Look out for an update later. 

I’m certainly not holding my breath. I suspect this will be followed up by a family size bag of crisps, between two of us once the kids are in bed and we’ve set the good example! As well as the usual wine for me of course.

Maybe we should just braai (or as the rest of the world call it – a barbecue). 


11 thoughts on “Thinking of what to feed them … Every. Single. Day!”

  1. When all else fails def agree with you on the braaiing thing. Living in Cape Town it is one thing that my boyfriend & I love doing is having a relaxing braai. We always seem to eat way to much yet end the evening off feeling content despite all the food we have just consumed. The great thing with a braai is that you can anything on it – doesn’t have to be fancy yet it always comes out tasty absolutely delicious. Such a treat! Fiona

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  2. When I was a stay at home dad I learned to do a core set of about 10 meals but then made twists on them.
    Chicken with pasta got done passata added and I rolled the chicken in oil and flour and cooked it on a hot skillet till seared through.
    Things like that. Oh. And try some “bitsa” meals… Bits of this and bits of that.
    You may also want to invest in a slow cooker… Amazing thing. Stews, casseroles, curries, soups… They all become dead easy!

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