Picking Mulberry Stained Hands
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Home is where the heart is! 

That quote is so true of where the girls and I are today.


Home, where I grew up.

Home, where my parents (all four of them)are.

Home, where the grandparents want to have their granddaughters with them, and no request is too big or impossible. Where they are given the undivided attention all kids crave, and love is showered on them in abundance.

Home, where the girls run barefoot on the dusty paths, hands and faces stained in freshly picked mulberry juice, chasing peacocks and baby chickens, picking flowers and drinking water from the tap.

Home, in the open space and hot African sun, where the girls swim and play and scream and shout and I don’t shout”shush, be quiet, stop screaming!” every five minutes.

Home, where we can breathe.

Home, where we hope our future lies.

But … we are missing daddy!

If home really is ‘where the heart is’, my home is with my husband.

Love you, my love. See you soon. Xxx

Mummy Times Two

5 thoughts on “Home is where the heart is! ”

      1. I love this post so much. My Other Half is from Spain, and I know he often feels this divide. Maybe the truth is we don’t need to have one home, home is wherever our heart is and for those of us whose hearts are divided maybe we just need more than one. Thank you so much for sharing such important thoughts with us here at #PostsFromTheHeart

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