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If you cry when you’re happy …

You are probably a mom. 

Words can’t begin to explain how super proud I am of my little girl. She did such a good job in her dance show last night. 

I’m one of those ridiculous moms who cry when I’m proud of my kids. Times I’ve cried in the past few years: 

  • When they each walked 
  • Their birthdays every year
  • My eldest daughters last 3 concerts – 2 end of year ones and last night’s dance concert
  • My youngest baby did zip-lining in August. She’s 3! She loved it. I cried with my stomach in my throat and my heart beating out its chest! 
  • My eldest playing 5-a-side football and her team came second! 

The next three crying session are expected towards the end of November when I will be attending my baby’s graduation from pre-primary, my eldest’s end of year concert, and their joint Sunday School concert. 

Get the tissues ready. 

Cue husband asking why I’m crying and proceeding to mock me! 

Btw – they’re all asleep after a heactic week, I’m up watching sh*t TV. 


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