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I started this blog at the end of August, and I’m absolutely loving it. Here’s the link back to my first post: First Blog Post … here we go!

Other than my Home Page, the most popular post so far has been Today’s confession … I yell …  A Lot! haha … how funny. I remember it like it was 16.30 yesterday afternoon … let’s just say it happens often.

Thanks for all the likes. xxx





15 thoughts on “500 Likes”

            1. You might want to try change your username because if people click on your name it’s not taking them to the right page. I had a similar problem.

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              1. gahhhhh! lol this is confusing. Yeah, I revamped my blog and decided to change some things including the URL, and now everything is all funky lol! I changed my username. Maybe now it works!

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