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The Lighter Side of Three

Yes, believe it or not, there is one.

I got some lovely comments on my recent post: My Surprise Threenager. I have to say, most were other parents commiserating with me, sharing their experiences, and best wishes for the future. That’s parenting sharing. 

Then I got a comment from the lovely Nicole over at Tales from Mamaville. If you aren’t following her blog already you really need to have a look.

She sent me two links to posts she had written about her son as a threenager. If you go check out her page you will see she has actually covered her experiences in a number of posts, all are relatable if you’re a mama in the trenches.

One really stood out though, 5 Reasons I love the Terrible Threes .  I won’t rewrite it, but go check it out.

As she says, it’s not all doom and gloom. In fact there are some really entertaining moments in time that are often fleeting and hard to remember because the other 95% of your day is a roller-coaster ride of frustration and emotion (and that’s just you, never mind them). But they do happen.

Yesterday, while I was lying on the sofa, hungover trying not to die, my three year old turns to me, completely unprompted and says:

Threenager: Mommy, to be married you must have a boy and a girl, right?

Me: Yeees … (waiting for more – really worried where this is going)

Threenager: Or a girl and a girl, or a boy and a boy. That’s okay too right, as long as they love each other?

Me: Yes, of course it is.

Threenager: Okay.

*End of conversation.*

So just when you think you’re failing at this parenting malarkey, you realise they might actually turn out to be decent human beings after all.

I’m a huge fan of ecard humour, so here are a few of my favourites. Share if you can relate.




I hope you enjoyed this post – Monday’s are not always doom and gloom. Have a good week people.

My Petit Canard
Run Jump Scrap!

6 thoughts on “The Lighter Side of Three”

  1. Thank you so much for the mention and I’m so glad the comment I made in your previous post, as well as my post on the better side of the Threes, has given you something to smile about. As I often tell myself: It’s just a phase, this too shall pass…

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