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It’s Funny Now

So this happened today:

My youngest throws a tantrum at the gym during her swimming lesson. To see a 6″ something giant swimming coach wrestle a 3 year old and loose to ‘the plank’, is quite something to behold! Anyway … so we leave early. 

She refuses to change so we just run to the car with her in her costume & towel, her still crying and screaming for me to give her back her new shoes IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. I sh*t you not!

I refuse, therefore I am officially the worst mother ever.

We get in the car, and she is still having a major meltdown, so the eldest says to her:

“Stop crying, do you want a new mother? Mommy will leave if you don’t stop crying”! (So her ears do work, my frequent threats did penetrate at some point, only to be ignored?!?!)

The youngest screams even louder. Wailing like a bereaved fish wife!

My eldest clearly can’t take it anymore and says: “Why are you still crying? Do you want a new mommy, or should we keep the old OLD mommy? Stop crying!!!”

The youngest started wailing even more!

Thank goodness that happened, I was almost about to run away then they would’ve had to get a new mommy!

Kids = Comedy cold, if you have a sense of humour!

But hold on, when did 35 become “old OLD”?



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10 thoughts on “It’s Funny Now”

    1. Depending on my mood, and the severity of the meltdown, I either laugh my way through it (which irritates the tantruming child more), or get so wound up it takes me the rest of the day too.


    1. It’s the inconsistency that gets to me. One day swimming is fine, the next it’s not, then two weeks later it’s fine again. Make up your mind kids!


    1. haha … those days are a particular challenge. I think I’d take a spontaneous melt down over whining all day if I had a choice. Sadly we never do.


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