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It’s Funny Now

So this happened today:

Youngest throws a tantrum at the gym during her swimming lesson so we leave early. 

She refuses to change so we just run to the car with her in her costume & towel, her still screaming for me to give her back her new shoes IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. 

I refuse so am officially the worst mother ever. 

We get in the car, she’s still having a major meltdown so eldest says to her:

“Stop crying, do you want a new mother? Mommy will leave if you don’t stop crying”! (So her ears do work?!?!)

Youngest screams even louder.

Eldest: “Do you want a new mommy or should we keep the old OLD mommy? Stop crying!” 


Thank goodness that happened, I was almost about to run away then they would’ve had to get a new mommy!  

When did 35 become “old OLD”? 


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