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Top 5 Questions all Parents want Answers to … or do we? 

As parents we often complain about how inquisitive our kids are. If you try to tell me that the “But why mom?” doesn’t get to you, you’re a liar! It gets to all of us!

But there are some questions us as parents ask every day, which, in my opinion, must be rhetorical because the alternative is too awful to contemplate, that there actually is a reason. What do you think? 

Here are the top 5 questions I constantly ask of my children:

1.”Why?” This is my top question that I ask them multiple times every single day. It can be used when asking your child to explain their reasoning or life choices. For example:

  • why are you licking the car window,
  • why did you eat your boogers,
  • why are you incapable of flushing the toilet,
  • why don’t you want to eat the meal you just asked me to prepare.

I even ask this question to myself when they are not around, usually when I walk into their bedroom and see the mess and destruction, or realise that my roses have been picked to mix up a ‘potion’ – I sh*t you not!

None of these questions need to be asked in full though, one word will suffice – “Why?”  often meant as “Why, for the love of god, why?” and is often accompanied by tears, a sob, or a sudden intense craving for wine and chocolate.


2. “Where are your shoes?” They can never find them! The reasons are either a) they can’t be bothered to look, or b) have no intention of getting them as a delay tactic because they don’t actually want to leave the house! I also ask this question every single day.

3. “What is that smell?” Really? Do we really want to know what that smell might be? Unless it smells like something is burning, just leave it. You are better off not knowing. Trust me, I’m a parent!

4. “Did you flush?” The constant reminder to actually flush the toilet after use just blows my hair right back! Seriously! Use it, flush, wash hands, repeat! How do you skip one step? You go to the toilet at least five times a day? How? Why?

5. “How was school?” I actually blame myself for hating this question now. If I hear the reply “Fine!” one more time I might actually scream! The other top replies are “Boring” or “I don’t want to tell you!” Great replies kids. Glad to see those private school fees are worth it and you are actively engaged in learning at school! Why?

I could do a whole other post on similar questions I ask my husband, but for the sake of ‘happily ever after’ I might just keep them to myself!

What are the most asked questions you ask your family?

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24 thoughts on “Top 5 Questions all Parents want Answers to … or do we? ”

  1. So, so true! Unfortunately, my kids have started answering my questions, which is actually worse! “How many times do I have to tell you?” – “Oh, 7 or 8” my son answers! #TheList

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  2. Oh yes, most of these I ask too. Flushing! Drives me nuts. What’s worse is that he denies that he hasn’t done it as though I’ll not realise that he was the last one in the bathroom and won’t check. #thelistlinky

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Arg the shoes! Why can’t they put them in one place and then they are always there?! We also lose hairbrushes on a daily basis even though we have four (so we can always find one…). ‘Where is the hairbrush?’ is my daily question! #thelistlinky

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    1. I want to start a petition for all moms of boys to teach their son’s that picking up a towel will not only NOT kill them, but might actually help ensure their spouse doesn’t plot their death daily. lol
      Thanks for reading.


  4. I almost peed my pants reading this! If we could just get a dime for every time we ask these questions, we could buy an island to hide from our kids on. 😉 #ShowMeYours

    Liked by 1 person

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