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Aspirations Of My 3 Year Old

We’ve had a tough few days, my youngest and I. She’s basically been coughing since Sunday night and has been off school for three days now. I’ve not slept properly for three nights.

Mid-day yesterday she informed me that she wants to be a Pilot when she grows up. Sure, whatever you want sweetheart. Β 

By 18.00 I was shattered, exhausted, grumpy, fed up, tired, all of that. As was she, but kids are much tougher and better at coping with illness than parents are. I was standing atΒ the sink doing the dishes, and she says:

“Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be a mommy!”

My mind is screaming at me “Noooo!!! Be something brilliant, worthwhile, and make a success of your life.”

Instead I said: “Oh yes … why’s that?”

Theses are her reasons: “Mommy’s can …

  • cut things with a knife …
  • they get to wash the dishes
  • they get to cook on the hot stove ALL the time
  • they get to drive
  • they operate the dishwasher AND the washing machine
  • they feed the cats
  • they always get to go to the shops to do the grocery shopping
  • they can wear make up
  • and they can drink coffee”

At this point I’m thinking to myself … “Please, carry on, make me feel even more worthless than I do right now.”

You’d think she was done, but no … she had one last one.

“And, mommy’s get to take care of EVERYONE. I want to be a mommy when I get big.”

Well played kid. Well played.

We get so caught up in our day to day lives sometimes. I was feeling particularly fed up, useless, and pretty worthless. This life is so much harder than I thought it would be.

We forget, they are watching us all the time. They see every little thing we do. What we do for them does matter, and they do see us, even when we feel invisible.

She made me realise how very important I am to her, and her sister. If this is the best I’ll ever be, and that’s good enough for her, then I’m succeeding at this job.

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17 thoughts on “Aspirations Of My 3 Year Old”

  1. Oh this is so precious. .I love how she sees washing the dishes & feeding the cat as major benefits of mommyhood! Mommys do take care of everyone & everything. It’s like being a super hero! Thank you for joining us at #candicuddles

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  2. Ah bless, it is bitter sweet isn’t it. I understand why you would feel a little discontent with her list of all the things mums do but equally it is lovely that she totally amazing recognises that you do everything and look after everyone. Nothing like seeing the world through kids eyes every now and then eh. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun x

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  3. That’s so sweet! I love how she thinks that the things we hate – like running the dishwasher and doing grocery shopping – are amazing. It just goes to show that kids think we’re amazing no matter what we do, because we take care of them and love them. #stayclassymama

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  4. This is a beautiful post that made me a bit teary! I also love your daughters logic of what mummy’s can do! My son is five and is preoccupied with being a daddy! Bless him. I am like err no stay away from girls until you are 31. But in there eyes even though we are bossy and grumpy, we are awesome! Thank you for linking to #Stayclassymama xx

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  5. It’s true, we do get so caught up in the daily grind, we forget how closely they’re watching. Knowing they see the good you do, and appreciate it so much that they want to be just like you.. ah that’s something seriously special. πŸ™‚ xx #familyfun


  6. Ah this almost made me well up. What a lovely thing to take from a conversation. You’re so right that it’s what we do that they copy, more than what we say (unless it’s a bad word and then they hear it from MILES away and NEVER forget it!). I try to remember this but it is easy forget. But your daughter is so right – I remember my mum keeping our family afloat, the rock, the one who managed everything. Whilst family dynamics have changed a bit, mum’s are mainly still this linchpin and it’s important children grow up valuing the contributions of their mother in the home! #FamilyFun

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  7. Aaah what a lovely post!! I think we forget JUST how important we are!! And how much appreciated everything we do for our children is πŸ™‚ Particularly liking ‘they can wear make up’ β€” for me, that’s the BEST thing about being a girl!! A bright lippy and I can take on the world! πŸ™‚ #TwinklyTuesday

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