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Fingerprints and Footprints

Today is the last full day of the current school term and as always the girls bring home a lot of their artwork. Amongst the piles of paintings, drawings, etc, were these two pieces done by my youngest. 

I just love them, especially this one about fingerprints, the words are so poignant and worth remembering every day, especially on the hard days:

Sometimes you get so discouraged
Because I am so small and always
Leave my fingerprints on furniture
and wall,
But every day, I am growing up and
Soon I’ll be so tall that all
these little handprints will be
difficult to recall.
So, here’s a current handprint
that you can put away
you’ll know just how my finger
looked this year on this day.

These are my little footprints because I am still small.
But soon my feet will grow and I will be very tall.

I think she did them at the beginning of term, but she will be turning 4 in June. I can’t believe it. This is a picture of me, today, four years ago (thanks Facebook!):


I know it was exactly 4 years ago, because today is my mom’s birthday and we went out to one of the local safari lodges and went on a game drive. Getting in and out of the big 4×4 vehicle was quite challenging undignified with my huge tummy! My mom thought it was hysterical. Thanks mom!

They grow up so fast. 

So, with all that in mind, I just want to wish my mom a very happy birthday. We can’t wait to see you and are literally counting the days. xx

FYI – 16 days!

Dear Bear and Beany
Twin Mummy and Daddy
Cuddle Fairy
3 Little Buttons

16 thoughts on “Fingerprints and Footprints”

  1. These poems make me a little emotional. My son came home with a bundle of homemade Easter cards, he is so proud and I just love it all. I know in years time I will look back and remember the time he was so little. Such precious artwork. I think you look fab in the photo! Thank you for linking to #stayclassymama we hope to see you next week xx

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    1. haha … thanks. I just remembered that I threw up all my lunch about 5 minutes after my last mouthfull – that was basically how it was throughout the whole pregnancy.


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