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Skills Required To Parent

In all the years I dreamed of being a mother, of raising a peace loving, respectable, intelligent, kind hearted child, I never realized so many other things would also be a reality.

Here are a few of them:

I never realized …

  1. That by accidentally giving one child more chicken nuggets than the other that I would be presenting them with undeniable proof of which child I love more! img_3592
  2. How much of my days I would spend bent over picking stuff up off the floor, the alternative would be NOT picking it up and falling over it, or worse … stepping on it barefoot in the dark! My Wish For My Enemies-
  3. How much time would be spent disguising certain foods as other foods, mostly chicken. We’ve had ‘roast beef chicken’, ‘braai boerewors chicken’, ‘tuna salad chicken’. You name it … it’s been turned into chicken.
  4. How much coffee and wine I would need to drink. Okay, maybe I don’t need the wine, but it sure makes some shitty days less shitty. 36398e66ed83c32e7918d36958b03dee
  5. That I would become a hoarder; not just of clothing that the eldest has outgrown that the youngest might one day make use of, but also pre-school artwork, random photographs that reflect nothing, random ‘gifts’ of stones, feathers, seeds, and other unidentifiable objects. I think it’s called ‘I love my kids and am proud of them’.
  6. How much time would be spent confused, asking them “why?” a topic I have discussed recently, you can check it out here. Top 5 Questions all Parents want Answers to … or do we?
  7. You will eat, breathe and sleep animation, and some of it you will truly love, some will be burned into your brain for all eternity. This is my latest offering: When You Use A Bird To Write With, It's Called Tweeting

There are many more, but those are the ones that spring to mind right now. Let me know if you have any others I should add?

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29 thoughts on “Skills Required To Parent”

  1. My life is all about the Disney. I drive to work humming soundtracks. I love the comment about you loving one child more if they get an extra chicken nugget! I now have a craving for nuggets and it is only 9am. Thank you for linking to #stayclassymama we hope to see you next week x

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  2. Could not stop laughing. I stepped onto those tiny toys in the Dark, I recite those animated poems when alone, I hoard the artwork and other memories. Here through #familyfun

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  3. Ha ha great list, I’ve never really looked at my skill set since being Mum. Survival is definitely a new skill! I should do tidying the floor a bit more but have a tendency to just make a path through it all!! I’m looking forward to all the questions, we’ll sort of!!

    ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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    1. It’s really not just with chicken nuggets, it’s literally everything. I actually have to count the grapes so each one gets exactly the same. Same principle applies to whoever gets in the car first – clearly they are more special. It’s exhausting.

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    1. My other favourite saying is the one that goes “I love all my kids equally, except the one that sleeps, I love that one more.”

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