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Why My Girls’ Granny is the Best! 

First off … they call her “Gaya”. I don’t know why, no one questions it, that’s just her name.

My mom could not wait to be a granny. Then along came my first child and her entire world was ‘made’.

The I ‘gave’ her another grandchild and so now I’m her favourite child! (Kidding Bear!) Bear being my sister.

As my sister once said of my children – “What do they want now, an inheritance? A kidney? Nothing is too much! Nevermind us?!”

Us being my sister and I.

The funny thing is that she is a completely different “Gaya” compared to “Mom”. Here are a few examples:

  • We were angels, my girls are NOT!
  • We were sh*t scared of her, my girls are NOT!
  • She did not spoil us, she spoils them rotten!! It’s quite appalling really.
  • We thought we were the most loved, my girls actually are!

So anyway, my mom is amazing! She is always there for everyone, her husband, me, my husband, our girls (obviously), my sister, her mom, her sisters, her friends, everyone else in the family, everyone else … ever!

So after a few missed connections, we finally get to have her come stay with us. We will be fetching her & my step-dad tomorrow and she will be here for a week!

Can’t  wait!!!

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18 thoughts on “Why My Girls’ Granny is the Best! ”

  1. Aww this is so lovely! My mum is called ‘Nanny’ to my little one and she absolutely adores her. In fact I can couch most things with ‘Nanny would be so proud if you did that!’ and Emma will do it right away haha. Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam

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    1. Bribery is so good! I spent weeks saying “you better listen or Gaya won’t come” … I’m now lost without her again! 😢


  2. Oh she does sound amazing, there is something special at Grandparents. I have the best grandparents and they were amazing to me growing up. Their children always moan that as grandkids which got the better deal lol. Thanks for sharing at #familyfun

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  3. Love this! ❤ I had to laugh at “We thought we were the most loved, my girls actually are!” – My mom told my brother and I we must just accept the fact that her grandbaby (Zee) is her favourite person in the universe, and the most loved! 😂😂😂 #FamilyFun

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  4. Ah that’s lovely! I enjoy watching my daughter develop her relationship with her grandparents. She gets so excited about seeing them and they also spoil her rotten. I guess that’s the right of a grandparent – they’ve done the parent thing and don’t have to do the discipline so can come in and just wreak a bit of havoc for parents 😉 Enjoy the visit! #FamilyFun

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  5. My parents are the same way with my nieces. They said it’s their job to raise kids by being stern and doling out punishment as necessary but when it comes to grandkids they get to do whatever they want and the parents have to fix it. Diabolical! #DreamTeam

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