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Another Excuse

We make many excuses in our daily lives.

Excuses for why we are late. Excuses for why the kids’ hair is a mess. Excuses for why the dinner is dry.

The best excuse I have heard today though is that today is … *drum roll please*

… dun dun dun daaa …

National Wine Day!

Like we needed another excuse to drink wine when we already have a number of fantastic excuses:

  • #merlotmonday
  • #totallyneedwinetuesday
  • #winewednesday
  • #thirstythursday
  • #friday (’nuff said)
  • #itstheweekend

See, lots of excuses.

But hey, one more couldn’t hurt.

I’m not sure which country is actually officially celebrating #nationalwineday but I’m pretty sure anyone who has heard of it has adopted it as their excuse to drink wine today.

So, happy National Wine Day everyone. It also happens to fall on Africa Day so I get to celebrate two for one!

And a special happy Africa Day all my fellow wine drinking African mamas! Cheers lovies, and may we not end up with a headache tomorrow!


The Pramshed

12 thoughts on “Another Excuse”

  1. Hehe this made me laugh! You’re definitely right about everyone adopting wine day. It’s amazing how many people are “Irish” when it’s St Paddy’s day! #blogcrush

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    1. I posted it completely from my phone after 2 glasses of vino. I’m almost afraid to go check it now for formatting and spelling errors. lol

      Liked by 1 person

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