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To My Women on Women’s Day

It is ‘Women’s Day’ today. A day to celebrate being a woman, and to recognise all the amazing women in our lives.

If I could have one wish this Women’s Day, it would be to spend the day with the women in my life who showed me what it is to be a phenomenal woman by sharing your love, support and guidance with me in my life. 

To my gran, my mom, my stepmom, my aunts and my sisters,

I miss you all and don’t get to spend today with any of you, scattered across the globe as we are.

I wish we were closer so that my daughters could benefit from having you all in their lives, just as I was blessed to have you in mine.

Thank you.

Maya Angelou is one of my favourite poets, and her poem, Phenomenal Woman, is one that all women should read.


Have a blessed Women’s Day all.



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