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Mom Fuel – What keeps you going?

I love coffee. Okay, okay, let’s face it, most people love coffee, but moms also need coffee. Well, I know I do.

If you search the hashtag #MomFuel on Instagram it’s basically pictures of coffee mugs, cups of coffee, moms drinking coffee, with a few glasses of wine and some strange healthy cereal pictures. But mostly it’s about the coffee, in whichever way shape or form they need it. Here’s one of my contributions, I think I tick two boxes with this one, I’ll let you guess the second one …  

The fact that I am NOT a morning person (ask my mom, husband and kids) is also a good enough reason to make sure that I get the chance to at least hold the cup of coffee before anyone in my house attempts to enter into any form of dialogue which they require an actual human response to.

Unfortunately, most mornings I have to share my coffee with my youngest.

No! Back off ‘Parent Police’. I don’t let my four-year-old drink mugs of coffee, but I do let her dunk her morning biscuit in it. Is that a ‘slap on the wrist’ offence or a ‘fine’?

Also No! I don’t like having to sift through the floaties the last mouthful of the cup, but in all honesty I am so busy running around getting them ready for school, pack their lunch boxes etc, and trying to get myself half way presentable for the school run that I might have a sip here and a sip there, but by the time I get to drink it properly the last few sips are ice-cold anyway (yuk!) so I don’t even get to the chewy, gross bit anyway.

After I get home from school drop-off and finish some superficial tidying, I make the cup of coffee. The one I will drink in peace; the one I get to savour; the one I don’t have to share; the one I get to inhale the aroma of; the one I get to enjoy.

I might have another one around 10.30am, but that’s mostly just in winter. In summer it’s too hot and I opt for fruit infused water instead.

At a push I will have consumed 2 & 1/2 cups of coffee by lunch time, and then I cut myself off. Any more than that and my heart starts racing and my hands start to shake – no joke! My body can’t handle any more caffeine than that.

I could probably push past the shaking if I really wanted to, but the other reason I don’t drink more after that is because I have a problem actually falling asleep at night anyway and I find if I drink coffee after midday, even if I’ve only had 1/2 a cup until then, I find it even harder to fall asleep that night.

This also includes a self-imposed ban on all fizzy drinks as they make me feel ridiculously bloated, and any and all energy drinks because they make me pass out thanks to a bad reaction and low blood pressure! (This has happened twice now – again, no joke!)

So what do I drink, other than coffee … and the other well-known #MomFuel – Wine?

Happy #WineWednesday everyone! #humpday #wineday

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Well as I said above, I love infused water. My favourites ‘ingredients’ are:

  • lemon
  • mint
  • strawberry
  • ruby grapefruit
  • cucumber
  • blueberries
  • salt – don’t judge – I’m a low bp sufferer!

Basically any combination of the ingredients above is great! In fact I even have an entire Pinterest Board dedicated to infused water, you can check it out here … Ways To Water

And don’t you love my infuser bottle by Typo? In fact the coffee mug in the first picture above is also from them. I do Love Typo!

My other drink of choice is fruit and herbal infused tea. My favourite is the Pick-Me_Up Cranberry Cinnamon & Apple Tea by Woolworths.

So there you have it. Those are my four main Mom Fuels. Coffee, water, tea and wine … sleep and repeat!

That’s it.

What keeps you going?



39 thoughts on “Mom Fuel – What keeps you going?”

  1. I drink a gallon of water a day but I also do a concoction day and night of mixed things. Here is my page that not only helps mom but women in general. I drink one cup of coffee a day and it KetoCoffee from it works. I just add cream to it and it can be drank hot or cold with no brewing. I also just started a mommy page on here but I have three other pages on wordpress as well. Blessings ladies and I am loving this new interaction. I have 4 kids so anytime to spare with other moms is a blessing lol

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  2. I wish I had time in the mornings to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee before I start rushing around to get ready. My “wake up” is the shower. I wake up at 5am and go go go until 7am when I finally sit at my desk at the office. A great morning at the office means I can sit and work quietly without making phone calls just yet and enjoy my coffee peacefully before anyone else arrives. lol That’s two hours after I wake up.

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  3. Infused water looks pretty yummy, I imagine its really refreshing. I’m a cuppa coffee in the morning and a cuppa tea in the afternoon kinda girl, but like you any more than three cups of caffiene and I get a bit jittery! Other mum fuel is cake…I feel like I need a reward every couple of hours or so! Not great!

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  4. haha thanks! It’s so funny how many people see me yawning or talking about being tired from work + parenting and they all say to get some coffee in me to help things out. It’s the first recommendation everyone makes. I would kill for coffee some days!!

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  5. I would loooove to be able to have caffeinated coffee to help survive the mom-slump lack of energy. But caffeine gives me nasty migraines so I haven’t touched the stuff in over 10 years now. I treat myself to a decaf coffee on occasion, but otherwise, my mom-fuel is plain old boring water. Water all day long. I somehow don’t know how I survive having a toddler and full time job without caffeine. But every now and then, in the evening, there is wine. Glorious wine!!!

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