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5 Things I Never Leave The House Without

I have tried many times to downsize my handbag. Many. Many. Times.

I continue to fail. Every time I start using a small, slick, pretty little purse style handbag I end up needing something I would usually carry but have had to compromise on because all you can really fit in a small bag is your phone, lipstick and one single key!

The liberated feeling of euphoria I experienced when I was finally able to ditch the baby bag, seems like a distant memory right now.

Half the time I prepare to leave the house I contemplate leaving my bag at home but I always chicken-out at the last minute because, what if …

  • What if the kids touch something dirty, I won’t have my travel pack of wet wipes.
  • What if someone has mucus running out their nose or sneezes a big greeny, I will need tissues.
  • What if they somehow destroy my perfect mom-bun, I will never be able to fix it without my ‘handbag brush’.
  • What if we get stuck in a queue and I don’t have any ‘distraction sweets’. You know the ones, the ones they slip you when you pay for your meal at the restaurant, they are essential for stopping the whining “how much longer moooom?”
  • What if I need a card from my purse – the hugest purse in the world. This is not because I have lots of money in it, in fact it contains minimal money, but it does hold all the store cards, just in case I go somewhere where I might be asked “do you have our loyalty card?” I can honestly answer “Yes! I have ALL the cards!”
  • What if my lips get dry and I need lip gloss which must match my outfit therefore I need 3 different shades.

Besides the list of things above, my top 5 things I never leave the house without are as follows:

  1. Keys: both car and house/garden/postbox/other miscellaneous keys for houses we no longer live in!
  2. Sunglasses, usually perched on my head.
  3. Handbag containing all previously mentioned things above just in case …
  4. Phone – of course.
  5. Tampons – because being a woman sux hard sometimes, usually unexpectedly and inconveniently! *can you see me rolling my eyes?*

What are your top 5? Would you make any substitutions to my list?


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  1. Author

    Loving the post! My tops 5 things I can’t leave the house without are 1) my keys 2) my blistex and lip balm 3) my wallet 4) on weekdays, my workphone 5) headphones to listen to inspiration and positivity!

  2. Author

    I never leave the house without a huge handbag either. Besides the obvious (keys, phone, wallet), I always have wet wipes, emergency snacks (both for my daughter and for me) and headphones so I can listen to podcasts. #ablogginggoodtime

  3. Author

    I have ditched the wet wipes now but I do still have tissues and a mini brush. I now have an app that stores all my store cards so my purse isn’t bursting at the seams anymore! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime ?

  4. Author

    I have two handbags on the go at the minute. One for if I have the kids with me and one for the very rare occasions I have escaped alone. My youngest is 2 so baby wipes and spare nappies are absolutely essential, as well as snacks and a few small toys/paper and crayons. I also have the massive purse with no actual money in it! It’s so liberating when I go out alone and can take the small handbag x

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