I started this blog at the end of August, and I’m absolutely loving it. Here’s the link back to my first post: First Blog Post … here we go!

Other than my Home Page, the most popular post so far has been Today’s confession … I yell …  A Lot! haha … how funny. I remember it like it was 16.30 yesterday afternoon … let’s just say it happens often.

Thanks for all the likes. xxx





        1. Author

          I thought I was. Definitely recognize your name. ❤️
          Will double check.

          1. Author

            You might want to try change your username because if people click on your name it’s not taking them to the right page. I had a similar problem.

          2. Author

            gahhhhh! lol this is confusing. Yeah, I revamped my blog and decided to change some things including the URL, and now everything is all funky lol! I changed my username. Maybe now it works!

          3. Author

            Took me straight there! Happy blogging!

          4. Author

            Yay!! Hey thanks for the help!! 🙂 you rock! ??

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