About The Blog

“Mom Of Two Little Girls” is my personal blog. I started off writing for the sake of writing, to get my thoughts out there, almost like a diary. Since I started, the blog as evolved and I have a more defined focus. I write about my approach to parenting, our family travel adventures and my journey as a mother trying to raise my two strong little girls in a modern world.

My Focus and Intention

The focus of most of my posts is on me as a mother and my journey, rather than on my children themselves. I am fiercely protective of the girl’s privacy on the internet and I take the safety and privacy of children on social media very seriously. There is a lot of discussion around parenting highs and lows and how this is one of the hardest jobs in the world whilst also being the most rewarding.

I am committed to focusing on the reality of parenting, this is not a perfect pinterest life.

What You Can Expect

I fiercely believe that no parent should judge anyone for their views, opinions, life choices or the way they are raising their children. We really are all just trying to survive this roller-coaster ride of parenting.

This South African mommy blog contains a little bit of everything parent and family related including travel adventures, healthy eating, baking with kids, my passion for a high standard of education, and my anti-bullying stance.

I also try to inject a sense of humour into my writing, and I’m a huge fan of wine, as you will see especially if you follow me on Instagram.

I love hearing from my followers so if you’d like to get in touch to chat or suggest blog topics, please do!