African Summer Sundays

Warning: Not for Vegans!

My husband left early this morning (before 07.00am) to go for a motorbike ride. The timing of his departure was not great!

Usually he goes before 06.00, when the children are still fast asleep. But he left a little later today which meant the noise of his squeaky boots while he goes to kiss the girls goodbye slowly brings the sleeping children out of their deep slumber. Couple this with the revving of the motorbike, well it was all over with, despite me keeping them up until 20.00 last night – yes, I know it was selfish. Sue me!

Sunday Funday

Anyway, we have had a lazy morning of TV, watering the garden, tidying the house and three cups of coffee which I drank hot! Imagine?! The girls did puzzles, played with their playdough, rode their bikes and are now having peanut butter and jam sandwiches.

Braai Time

We are now waiting for daddy to come home so we can have a yummy braai. A braai is the South African word for a barbecue or cook-out (I think). It is indelibly a massive part of the lifestyle and culture of Life in Southern Africa.

I may have gone a bit overboard as I’ve taken out steak, pork chops and boerewors (a South African type of sausage. No braai is complete without this, no matter what else you’re cooking).

boerewors and chops braai


I also made an egg-free potato salad and some garlic bread. I may not bother with a salad as I’m the only one who will eat it. My youngest would pick out the tomatoes but that will no doubt end up in an eczema breakout in the next 4 hours – another good reason not to bother. I do make a mean Broccoli Salad which even my husband eats!

Where Is He?

So now we wait for daddy, who said he’d be home by lunchtime, and it’s now 14.07. From the Track my iPhone app he insisted that we set up, I can see he is still busy riding around the dirt roads in the bush, so it will be at least another full hour before he is anywhere near home.

Wine time?

Maybe not just yet, tempting though.

wine time


  1. I have just discovered your blog and I am loving it!!

    However, I have the constant impression of your husband not helping you at all with the kids and home chores. I know you are a SAHM, while he works out of home, but anyway… Many stressful moments you have described could have been avoided just with the support of your husband.

    It may be just a question of different points of views, but I personally consider child care must be shared 50/50 between the parents, no matter who is staying at home…

    I just wanted to share my respectful opinion.

    Keep on blogging!

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment. This was a particularly difficult time for us. He worked away a lot and in a highly stressful environment. I spent a lot of time parenting the girls alone without any support as I think you have deduced. Our life now in the UK is very different and we do share parenting as equally as possible, considering he works and I still stay at home to be the primary childcarer. He takes a more active role with the kids now that they are older too. Time heals many wounds.

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