Another one to add to the SAHM job description:

Seamstress/crafting professional.

This last 1/2 of the year has made me delve into the depths of my previously abandoned creativity!

Let me just say, what on earth did our parents do before there was the internet, specifically Pinterest or YouTube?

So far I have made the girls hats for Spring day, mummy outfits for Halloween.

Spring Hat Post

Halloween Outfits 
I’m now attempting to make them cowgirl outfits for a “Country & Western” themed Christmas party. (Don’t ask! 🙈)

As we live in South Africa, I have no first hand knowledge of what a real cowgirl outfit should look like, so once again I refer to the internet bible of crafting – Pinterest, which I used to come up with ideas of what might constitute a cowgirl outfit. I’ve decided to put my brand new sewing machine to work again and make them the simplest easiest skirts and bandannas which they can wear with white tops and boots. It is currently around 35C (95F) which means it will be too hot for jeans and waistcoats. I have serious doubts about whether they will even wear their boots – if they do it will be for arrival at the party, and that’s it!

Anyway, that my plan for the weekend – two little skirts, and two bandannas.

As an aside, I feel I may be starting to head down the road my mother did. A road my sister and I hated! That of making my girls matching outfits in different colours. It’s fine for now, but I suspect they will soon request different outfits, as we did!

Wish me luck on my first real sewing project.


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