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Let’s Blog This, 2018!

Happy New Year!

I have been a bit quiet on the blog in December and over the festive season. It’s not that I was too busy (although life was rather hectic), but also because I decided to take the leap into the murky waters of ‘self-hosted’ blogging! I have big plans for my blog in 2018 and I have spent a lot of time over the past few weeks laying the foundation for these plans, preparing and migrating my blog and domain, a hugely scary move for any blogger, and generally just tweaking and sorting out ‘things’ (a technical term, I assure you) behind the blog scenes.

Up until now I have been completely reliant upon WordPress for domain hosting and site functionality but I realised that in order to take my blog to the next level I need the additional functionality that going self-hosted will allow me at an affordable price.

After some research and recommendations, I decided to go with Siteground. It’s been a little bumpy. I am not a technophobe by any means, but neither am I a technopro either. I can’t recommend the Siteground 24/7 online chat help and assistance highly enough! I’m sure they already have a huge file on me due to the sheer volume of chat’s I’ve had with their online tech team, but every single one of the chats I have had has resulted in success, support and help, both with the transfer to self-hosted and the transfer of my domain. I finally feel like I’m finally getting somewhere.

Thank You.

This post is really just to say thank you to those who have stuck with me throughout the many many changes of themes etc, apologies for any downtime that has been had and also the fact that my site is not quite what it was aesthetically, but I’m working hard behind the scenes to get it back to where it was, and even better if possible!

Help Me

I’m open to any suggestions of things that are missing that you’d like to see – as with anything, a fresh pair of eyes sees things more clearly than those of us who are stuck in a veritable haze of repetitive content so please let me know if you find any broken links or missing info!

If you are thinking of migrating your site and going self-hosted I really can’t recommend Siteground highly enough. You can use this link to check them out (and apparently I might get a benefit of some kind added to my account but I’m really not sure what.) They have a wide variety of packages and services available for sites of all genres and sizes, and their pricing is very competitive!

Once again, thank you for all your continued support. Please do sign up to the email subscriptions – I’m hoping I didn’t lose anyone in the migration but it’s not always easy!

Let’s blog this 2018, and make this year the best blogging year yet!



  1. Oooohhh Site ground is on my list of possibilities, but was weighing up the options of local versus global providers? Well done I need to take this leap in the next few months .

  2. Happy New Year to you!
    You are braver than me…..I tried to go self hosted in Sugust with BlueHost, almost lost the blog so gave up. Switched to a business account wth WordPress after my year anniversary was up! I may try again after the 2 year anniversary is up but that experience was horrid. May have to ask you tips! Good luck.

    1. Author

      Thanks. It’s honestly taken about two weeks. I have lost a few things but they warn you in advance. Slowly working my way through the fixes. Like I said, it’s not perfect yet but at least the functionality will take me where I want to go. It’s very scary!

  3. Well done Carly! I had to come here and check things out because my broken links plugin was complaining! So I see you changed your permalinks and took the date out too 🙂
    All the best for 2018 may you go from strength to strength.

  4. Good luck! I too am taking the scary dive into self hosted blogging and it’s an enormous undertaking! Looks like you’re doing good work so far 🙂

  5. Am still in the stage of creating a website of my own! That’s my big take for 2018 but reading about your leap has only made me want to move fast ! Cheers to the new year and all things new.

  6. Well done!!! Officially having your own little space in the internet is so exciting and you can do so much now!!

  7. Congrats Carly!! I kind of assumed you already were self hosted as your URL is your own. I just received my first commission yesterday from my affiliate post in December (it takes 30 days to clear, probably because of their 30 money back guarantee) and the commission is very good, well worth it! Thanks for the link to my post and wishing you only onwards and upwards for 2018. You already are doing brilliant work.

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