Blogger Linky Etiquette

Many bloggers participate in weekly Blogger Linkys. This helps us all to showcase our own blogs, and to find new blogs we love and find a community of bloggers in the same or similar genre us. And of course, they help with SEO. Whatever the reason for doing it, there is a wrong, and a write (pun intended) way to do it. There is a Bloggers Linky Etiquette and it’s important that you actually stick to it!  

Linky Rules

Each linky has its own unique niche and its own rules. However, there are a number of common rules that they all have. In order for you to be a positive contributor and part of the community you need to follow these linky rules and abide by a certain … linky etiquette.

As a mum, I like to think of it as basic manners, manners which all participating bloggers should have.

Not only am I a mum, I’m also a co-host on the #ItsOK Linky, a bloggers linky for parent bloggers who are all about keeping it real, and not shying away from the reality of parenting. The good, the bad, and the downwrite hilarious! You should check us out!

Here are my Top Tips on Blogger Linky Etiquette:

The Linky Host

Please remember that the HOST(S) of the linkys do the hard work of commenting on all the linked up posts, as well as tweeting and retweeting each post. So showing them some love by commenting on their posts is the least you can do considering the exposure their reach has when sharing your post(s). And it’s an actual rule.


  1. Most linkys have rules on the minimum posts you must comment on. One of those is to comment on the post that was linked up just before yours. It’s best to link your post up first then go back to do the commenting. NOTE: Sometimes you can comment on the post you think will be before yours and then after linking up your post, you find that two or three more posts have been linked up between yours and the one you commented on thinking it would be before yours. If you miss the one that is really before yours, that blogger may not get any comments. That won’t do your reputation any good at all.
  2. Some linkys allow you to link up more than one post. In that case the rules stipulate you must comment on the host posts, plus the one before your post then please make sure you comment on the posts before each of your linked up posts. Just doing the first one is poor show. Make the effort to comment on the ones before each of your posts.
  3. Similarly if the rules just say that you can comment on any posts, make sure you comment on as many posts as you link up, plus the host’s posts – obvs. Tweeting the ones you really love would be a bonus!
  4. Occasionally when the rules INSIST on you commenting on the post directly before your, but you actually don’t like the post or it’s not something that you agree with or even want to read, there is really no need to be rude about it. Remember to always #JustBeKind. Try. There must be something you can say. Even if it’s just “Great post. Thanks for sharing.”
  5. If a linky allows you to link up more than one post and the linky is open for a number of days, there is no need to link all the allowed posts in one go. You can schedule it in your diary so that you link up the allowed number of posts spread over the number of days the link is open.

Social Sharing

  • When tweeting your post, remember to tag the hosts via their Twitter handles. There is no point in only linking the #linkyname because the hosts may not see it and then they won’t retweet. It’s also bad manners. Sometimes the twitter handle doesn’t always pull through to the post to tweet. In that case please make the effort to find out what the correct twitter handle should be and add it in manually.
  • In the same breath – PLEASE try make sure your sharing options are working correctly and your twitter handle does pull through.

What Else

If you want a clear step-by-step instruction on how to participate in linkys, please refer to the post by the lovely CuddleFairy.

This post is a work in progress, I may update it at any time. If you have any other tips, or hints, or suggestions, please let me know. I will happily update this at any point if I feel it will be useful to other bloggers.

More importantly, please SHARE this post throughout the blogging community! Sharing is caring.

Diary of an imperfect mum


  1. I usually add my post and then come back later. Sometimes the next day or even a couple of days later. That way I get to see more of the posts and I can spread my own workload around. #StayClassyMama

    1. Agreed. Going back later gives you the chance to see a bigger selection to choose from.

  2. Some great advice. I always have z mental list in my mind if the linkys that I need to go back to that week and do my reading on. I always feel terrible if I forget and then make sure I go back as soon ask remember! I always try to do the minimum number stipulated then any others that catch my eye. Wish I could do more, but it’s hard to find the time. #CoolMumClub

    1. Apologies for my terrible spelling above, I need to make sure I do my reading during nap time and not with one eye on the toddler!! Sorry!!

    2. It is hard. Sometimes I think people overcommit. Thanks for commenting. ?

  3. A good idea to write this down. It is really important. I am always surprised when hosts mention that some posts got no comments. How? Only if people haven’t followed the rules. I think you’re right though – people over commit and life gets in the way. They need to choose their faves and show loyalty and courtesy. Alison x #stayclassymama

  4. I think most of us (there are always a few) try to abide by linky etiquette on the whole, but I think posts like this one are great, especially for new bloggers. I remember not having a single clue wjat it was that I was supposed to be doing and just muddling through!! #coolmumclub

  5. My hand is up, I am 100% clueless as to what linkys are! I’m worried if I start looking they will swallow up precious time, my writing is already elbowing out my housework. What is the purpose of Linkys?

    1. It is to get your work out there, read, liked, commented on. It can be a great way of finding new blogs to follow as well as boosting your page views & likes. Basically – sharing is caring.
      I can recommend a couple for you if you like. Or you can take a look at my Linkys List page where I try to remember to link up the badges of the linkys I have participated in.
      You don’t have to do all of them, or any at all. But if you do want to, let me know.

      1. Thanks, I think I get it now, I’ve just had a quick squizz at one of the badges on your page. I must say there’s quite a lot of reading there but it is a brilliant networking feature – I can see it would be invaluable to those whose goal is to increase their viewership and in turn work towards an income, possibly, from blogging. At this stage my goal is simply to craft my writing skills. Thanks for the help!

    1. My pleasure. I hope it came across with the right tone – not as a school teacher lecturing students, but as someone offering advice and tips.

  6. This is a great list! Sometimes I feel like I need to leave a blood sample and my first born child to participate in certain linkys. LOL Once someone even deleted my link up because i didn’t come back till the evening to visit other blogs. My cat died and i was burying it. Like cut a girl some slack….some people take this linky biz really seriously.

    Anyway, glad you linked up to #ShowMeYours where rules and regulations never apply. 😉

    1. No way! haha … that’s hard core linking! Most of us are all half concentrating on the linky, and half concentrating on keeping the kids alive.
      #ShowMeYours is one of my favs!

  7. It really annoys me when some people join linkies and don’t comments on anybody elses x #ablogginggoodtime

  8. Linkys are so fun, but people have to realize, you get what you give.
    The more blogs you visit/comment/share, the more traffic you’re bring to your blog!!!
    These are all great tips to follow. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with us at #ShowMeYours
    We love having you!!

  9. Love this! Really great list of things people should do when joining a link up. I’ll be sure to link this in my next one ; ). I think sometimes it’s hard to follow all the rules especially when you don’t have that much time, but as they say the more you give the more you get!! Thanks so much for linking up at #StayClassyMama!

    1. Thanks. I think people can be put off by too many rules, but there are reasons for the rules too. Thanks for reading.

  10. Yay. Thanks for writing this. Myself and Lianne at Mrs Mummy Harris are starting a new linky next week. I won’t link drop as it’s not fair but we are kind of spamming Twitter with it, so feel free to take a look. This post will hopefully help us have a successful first week by reminding people to play nicely. #coolmumclub

    1. I hadn’t seen anything about it. Twitter is so strange sometimes. I often feel like I’m spamming when I tweet my posts, but then you realise it moves so fast that you miss things too. I found your tweet and retweeted. Sharing the love.

      1. Yay! Thank you for sharing! I know what you mean about Twitter. I don’t think I’ll worry about the spamming anymore! 🙂

    1. haha … of course! I really do think most of the time it’s down to commenting and then linking and in between that someone else’s post goes up and they’re the one who ends up without any comments.

  11. I join a lot of linkys and to be honest, no, I don’t comment on many of the posts. I do read the posts, I share a lot of the posts but when any comment is along the lines of “Thanks for making me read two pages on how your kid got shit everywhere and sneezed in your open mouth” I feel it best to keep my trap shut.

    Furthermore, most of the linkys I join just because I like the hosts, I like their blogs and it gives me direction on what stuff of theirs I should read next.

    Too bitchy? Sorry but I don’t make other people read really gross crap. Like, the kid got shit EVERYWHERE. You can’t unsee that.


    1. Good point. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with something when you can’t relate to the post before yours at all.

  12. Great post – linky etiquette is something I’ve always tried to be strict with myself – but in my linky I trust other bloggers to police themselves. We’re all adults after all…but not sure everyone always does everythig we’d hope!

    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub

  13. I try and comment straight after linking, if I can’t I’ll leave the tab open on my laptop to remind me to come back x

  14. Point 4 is a very good suggestion, I know KCACOLS recently changed to a fortnightly linky so everyone has plenty of posts to consider sharing!
    If someone links up a post inbetween my two posts in the small time i try to link up, I always comment on the posts inbetween as well as the one before my first one. otherwise that person may not get a comment and its just polite i guess! #ablogginggoodtime

  15. I too wrote a post about linky etiquette … mainly because I was tired of so many people not following the rules of my own linky. (Which doesn’t exist anymore) Linkys are hard to manage and try to fit in other blogging and daily life so I give huge kudos to those who are still running theirs.

    1. I should imagine it’s very time consuming running a linky. To comment, tweet and retweet all the posts that link up, and ‘police’ it … as you say, kudos to all those lovely people.

  16. Thanks for this. I think some people forget to adhere to rules and just link dump. We need to support one another and help each other out. #abloggingoodtime

  17. I like this, I make sure I only join them if I know I have an hour our so in the following days to give everything a read. My only one problem is when sometimes the host post isn’t something I’d normally read or have much thought on and I want to say more than “hey nice post!” 🙂 It annoys me when people comment on a post and it’s obvious they’ve only skim read it. #coolmumclub

  18. As a linky host myself, I am sure that you can imagine why I LOVE YOUR POST! 🙂 Running a linky is so much fun, but it can be quite sad when you come across posts which have had no love at all. You have listed some fab points. #TheListLinky

  19. Very important! I try to comment on as many as I can. It’s nice to allocate time in the week just for commenting. #BlogCrush

  20. Oh yes, I love my linkies and it has been brilliant to get to know so many people and blogs. I take the commenting and tweeting pretty seriously as I think its important to all play our part in making them all work.
    Mainy x

  21. Spot on tips, especially number 2, as I never refresh before commenting on the post before mine! I might have not commented on the actual post before mine by not doing this. Normally if I link 2 of my posts in a row, I’ll make sure I comment on the 2 before my 2 (if that makes sense). Thanks for sharing! #Blogstravaganza

  22. I’d also add, don’t link up posts that don’t follow the theme. There’s a few photo linkies I do, and people haven’t even put a photo in the post, or have done a massive photography post when the title of the linky is 1. Drives me mad and I won’t comment on those.

    I like the comment on at least the post before yours, but lots of people don’t. It does mean that everyone gets a comment, although of course sometimes it is hard to think of a decent comment.

  23. This is sound advice! Linkys are a great way to share the blog love and if we all keep to the rules everyone benefits. Fab post! Thanks so much for linking up to #Blogstravaganza, hope to see you again next week xx

  24. #MarvMondays my hope is one day we won’t need linky rules because ettiquette will dictate. I wouldn’t dream of doing certain things in the real world and as technology progresses further i hope this happens in the virtual world too 🙂

  25. Thanks so much for writing and sharing this. As a host I get disappointed when posts don’t get comments because people haven’t followed the rules and similarly get disappointed when I link up and don’t get comments. Linkys are fab if people follow the rules. Thanks for joining us for #marvmondays

  26. I love taking part in linkys – they’re a great way to find new blogs, and give your own blog exposure too. It really frustrates me when people don’t follow the rules because they’re there for a reason and if people don’t follow them, the linky doesn’t work properly.

    I would add that most linkys have a badge, and it is only fair to add the badge to your post if you join the linky. This gives a no-follow link back the host (in return for the no-follow link from the host to you when you add your link to their site) AND advertises the linky to other people who might read your post. The more people who know about the linky, the more people take part, and the more comments everyone gets – it’s a Win-Win


    1. Thanks Lucy. I’m gathering all the comments and other suggestions and will do an update soon.

  27. It is always good to be reminded of the rules. I often come back to comment as then you can get to see a wider selection of posts. I am about to co-host a new linky from tomorrow so then I can see what hard work goes on behind the scenes. #ablogginggoodtime

    1. Best of luck with your new linky. I did take a look but my girls are too young for me to be able to make a valid contribution. x

  28. Great post explaining linky etiquette! As a linky host, it is so difficult to keep up with each week and Emily, Fran and I work really hard to make sure all our linkers get an adequate amount of comments. Thanks for explaining a bit more into the work that goes into a linky and why it’s so important to follow the rules. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

    1. It’s my pleasure. You guys as hosts are the ones who do the hard work. Thank you.

  29. I tend to add my link then come back later but i have an ongoing list in my phone which I add to to make sure I remember to do them all. I think I’m doing too many at the moment as it’s hard to keep up some days I find I realise in the evening the linky is opening tomorrow and I haven’t done my commenting! My pet hate is people not having twitter handles when you want to share a great post! #TheListLinky

  30. Linkys are a great way of getting your posts noticed, increasing your traffic, getting back links and, my favourite one of all, finding new blogs! It’s a shame not everyone follows the etiquette though, many drop their links and run without even looking at the rules. I’ve taken part in some American Linkys and their rules can be extensive, you can even hire someone who will participate in linkys for you over there, for a fee of course!

  31. Great tips! I’ve participated in a couple of linkys where I’ve received no comments apart from the host. It’s a bit annoying when you make the effort to comment on other peoples. #bigpinklink

  32. Spot on! It’s always good to check and re-check, even for the hosts. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

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