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BlogOn Toys – Was It Worth It?

This past weekend, I attended my first UK Blogging event, the BlogOn Toys event held at Hotel Football in Manchester. The aim of the event is to gather parenting bloggers from across the country who are interested in kids toys and doing toy reviews on their blogs, and to bring them face to face with… Continue reading BlogOn Toys – Was It Worth It?

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August Instagram Round-Up

Well, the summer holidays have come and gone. We survived. Now that the girls are back at school it's time for me to get back to blogging and all the other work from home stuff that I do. The weather yesterday and today is basically mirroring my mood. It's dark, grey and a little cool.… Continue reading August Instagram Round-Up

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Goodbye For Now | Making Moves

It's time to face the facts and say goodbye. After planning our move to the UK for what feels like forever but it's really only been about four months, I finally feel like things are coming together. With 11 days until we get on the plane, life is crazy hectic. I feel like I am… Continue reading Goodbye For Now | Making Moves

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LOL Surprise Puzzle and Board Game + Giveaway

For those of you that have been following me for a while, you will know that my girls are LOL Surprise Doll crazy!!! My eldest more so, but whatever she does, her Lil Sister follows suit. (See what I did there?) She has even made an entire flip file of colouring in pictures of LOL… Continue reading LOL Surprise Puzzle and Board Game + Giveaway

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#GirlMomsMeetUp – Was It A Success?

A few months ago, although it feels like yesterday, Charlene, Chanene and I decided to organise an event that was the type of event that we, as moms of girls, would actually want to attend.¬†We wanted it to be focused on us as mothers, and our girls too. We also wanted to learn, discover and… Continue reading #GirlMomsMeetUp – Was It A Success?