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Keeping Them Busy This Easter

It is week two of the Easter School Holidays. We are starting to get a bit bored, and my purse is a bit empty so I've pulled together a few links to activities to do with the kids to keep them busy which won't cost too much either.   Nickelodeon have a great pack of… Continue reading Keeping Them Busy This Easter

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Chores For My Children

Have you ever googled "Age Appropriate Chores for Children". This is what your screen will look like if you click on the Images tab.  Everyone is an authority on this subject, or so it would seem. The funny thing is, they all same very similar things it's basically just a copy and paste and reformat… Continue reading Chores For My Children

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What is the point of Throw Pillows? 

A few weeks ago, we redecorated most of our bedroom. My husband painted the walls, we made our very own DIY Hanging Headboard, we bought new curtains, new bedding, etc. There are still a few things to do like new bedside lamps etc but it is January and we are now waiting for pay-day. Along with… Continue reading What is the point of Throw Pillows? 

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Today’s Project 

Today I spent time doing something I enjoy.  Sewing. My 25 year old self would have been appalled! Isn't it funny how things change. I made this Tote Bag today, mostly from my own 'pattern'. I used tips from a few online patterns. The straps are too long but I am not in the mood… Continue reading Today’s Project 

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Our very own DIY Headboard

And the best part is ... we only snapped at each other once! For us, that's a miracle when doing DIY.  The history of that is a post for another year. Below is my account of us making our own Headboard. Step 1. Pin a million DIY headboard pins on Pinterest so by the time… Continue reading Our very own DIY Headboard

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The Lazy Queen Bakes Banana Bread

The 'Lazy Queen' would be me. A nickname given to me by my in-laws. I don't think it was given out of love, just a hunch. It has, however, come to be a standing joke between my husband and I. I tend to use it to refer to myself when I actually am being lazy.… Continue reading The Lazy Queen Bakes Banana Bread