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Why I’m Glad We Left The UK

I loved living in the UK. I was 19 when I got there and for the next ten years I loved most of my time there. I made awesome friends, traveled, learnt some invaluable life lessons, met my future-husband, lots of good things happened. And then some not so good things. And then we left. Before anyone… Continue reading Why I’m Glad We Left The UK

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My Top 5 Bucket List Destinations for Travel in Africa 2017

Africa has so many amazing beautiful places to visit. When I thought about a bucket list for 2017 I wanted to make it realistic. Bucket lists, by definition, are basically wish lists. Instead of making this one an unrealistic one I decided to make it something that we could possibly achieve. So here are my top… Continue reading My Top 5 Bucket List Destinations for Travel in Africa 2017

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Checklist For A Weekend Break

We are heading to the Vaal River this weekend with some friends. Although I have crossed the river a few hundred times between the Free State and Gauteng, I've never actually been to the river. As with most self catering style weekend breaks, it involves a fair amount of planning, preparation and packing. Before you… Continue reading Checklist For A Weekend Break

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Galentine’s Day 20 Years Ago

Today is Galentine's day. The day before Valentine's day when you are supposed to celebrate the day with all your Gal-Pals. Today there is a photo circulating on my facebook profile. It's a photo of my five friends and I, in our school uniforms, each holding a red rose. I remember that day like it… Continue reading Galentine’s Day 20 Years Ago

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January Disease

We are half way through January now, and if you haven't noticed there are basically two categories of humans on the planet: Those who suffer from January Disease; Those who don't and fall into category B below. A. What is January Disease you ask. Well , if you are not familiar with this particular ailment,… Continue reading January Disease

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They are Still On Holiday

Most kids have gone back to school, except for mine! I know that's not exactly true, but that's how it feels. Their school only opens on the 18th! It closed on the 30th of November, that means that by the time they go back, they will have been on holiday for seven weeks! SEVEN! I'm bored,… Continue reading They are Still On Holiday

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After the beach comes the bush holiday

We are now in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.  A few pics of our drive in to the lodge today. A few reasons why living in Africa is a privilege. I love Africa. ❤

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Holiday Pics 

Everyone is having an absolute ball!  Swimming in the stunning Indian Ocean, rock pools, sand castles, a few sneaky ciders, lots of sun, not enough sunblock. 🤗😎

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We’re on holiday 

We left this morning on the first of two planned roadtrips.  Follow me on Twitter or Instagram for photos of our Roadtrips through South Africa. We will be going through the Free State, Kwazulu Natal, Guateng and Limpop provinces. Twitter @momof2lgs Instagram: momoftwolittlegirls Or you can follow via the links on my Home Page. Travel… Continue reading We’re on holiday 

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The fighting 🙈

At a follow up appointment at the Dentist this morning the receptionist came to ask me if they were both mine. I asked why, and she said that they were getting along so well and playing so nicely  she thought maybe they were friends.(Clearly a fellow mom). At that point I actually considered the fact… Continue reading The fighting 🙈