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Keeping The Kids Busy Over The Summer Holidays

This summer the UK weather is fluctuating … a lot! From extreme heat to rain, and now cooler days. Let’s see what happens next week! I had forgotten how hot it can get in the UK, and as everyone keeps saying, no, there are no air cons here! With that said, it’s also a LOOOONG holiday too and I for one, just don’t want to have to spend money every single day on keeping the kids busy over the summer holidays.

I wrote a post over a year ago based on keeping kids cool in the summer. This was written whilst I still lived in South Africa and was focused on keeping kids cool and out of the sun but also occupied at home during the long December holidays – the South African equivalent of the 6 or 7 weeks of hell UK summer holidays.

Now that we are based in the UK, I thought it would be a good idea to do a new post along a similar theme which is ideas on keeping the kids busy over the summer, no matter the weather, whilst also trying to keep a grip on your budget! Let’s face it, I’m not Rockefeller, I’m the other fella. No, I’m not original either!

The point is, budgeting is important!

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July Instagram RoundUp

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month and I’m kicking it off with my July Instagram RoundUp which is basically filled with reflections of our first month living in the UK since returning from South Africa.

It’s been a great month, the girls have settled really well, and we are currently enjoying our summer holiday break. Week one has been good, just five more to go. Wish me luck! For now, let’s see which were the most liked pictures in my July Instagram Roundup.  Continue reading “July Instagram RoundUp”

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Our British Summer Staycation Bucket List

I have decided to put together our British summer staycation bucket list, as we settle in to our first proper summer holiday. When I lived in the UK previously I was a completely different person. I was a young twenty something in a relationship, basically playing at being an adult, but not really embracing it to the max. Now that I am back living in sunny (for now) Yorkshire, as a mom of two little girls and a bonus daughter. I almost feel like I am somewhere completely new to me. One thing’s for certain, I am a different person to who I was back then.

I am a more confident person, a more secure person. When I lived here previously, I was also a step-mom. Every second weekend my bonus daughter would come stay with us, and it almost felt like I was play acting the role of a mom. We used to try get out as often as we could, but we certainly struggled a lot financially back then.

Being back in North Yorkshire, memories from that time have come back to me. Days out and the fun things we used to do as a much smaller family. Two adults and children, vs the reality now which is two adults, one teenager and two little girls. Continue reading “Our British Summer Staycation Bucket List”

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A Lovely Unplanned Day Out In York

Today we had a lovely unplanned day out in York. All I was planning to do was go to the bank. What I got instead was memories made with my girls. New memories, to build on top of my old memories.

We parked up and walking through the Museum Gardens. When we got to the other side we encountered the pigeon whisperer. The reality is that he is a real life old man who the park pigeons trust. He feeds them from his hand, and was kind enough to let the girls and I have a try. Actually he was quite forcefully persuasive, but I’m glad he was.

I held some pigeons in the palm of my hand for a minute. They gave me more undivided attention in that moment than I get from my children on a daily basis! {Photo taken by my lovely bonus daughter}. Continue reading “A Lovely Unplanned Day Out In York”

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Our New Version Of Normal | School In The UK

When we decided to move to the UK, the one thing that stressed me out the most was how my girls were going to adjust to the school system here. It is different, but we’re embracing the changes, and the challenges.

Moving without kids is tough, but moving with kids is even harder. That said, we are trying to embrace the new version of normal. I thought I should do a catch up on how the girls are getting on at school, and how we are adjusting.

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June Instagram RoundUp ~ Finally!

Well I finally made it. We are officially settled in the UK, and now that I have five minutes to myself, I thought I would start off with June Instagram RoundUp.

My cat arrived safely, the girl’s are loving their school, hubby has work all sorted, I have an awesome car, and house, and my step-daughter moved in with us!

It’s been all systems go! I’ve had to take a little break from regular blog posting because … there are only so many hours in the day!

But, in an attempt to ease myself back in, here are my Top 5 pictures from June 2018: Continue reading “June Instagram RoundUp ~ Finally!”