South Africa says No to Steven Anderson! Yes!

I’m not apologising for this posting being very very far away from the usual motherhood and parenting posts because I am so elated with today’s announcement by the South African Home …

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Mummy is tired … but that’s okay.

Today mummy is tired. It was an exhausting weekend to say the least. My eldest had a fever on and off, which coupled with the usual things that are required …

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I Need My Personal space! 

I need space … actual, physical personal space. After being cooped up at home with the girls since school ended at lunchtime on Friday, I was ecstatic when 09.30 arrived and …

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Helpless and feverish. 

It is so frustrating when your child is sick but you don’t know why.  My eldest (5) has had a high temperature and fever since yesterday afternoon. It is obviously …

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Disclaimer: Post contains a lot of complaining and sarcasm.

Today’s weather … 30 degrees C. It’s humid. It’s windy. There’s a dust storm blowing through our province. Article in the local news. Bloemfontein Courant YUK!! YUK!! YUK!! Personally I …

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Two More Minutes Mummy

What “Two More Minutes” actually looks like!
#mumlife #twomoreminutes