Birthday Party Politics
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Birthday Party Politics

Birthday Party Politics. I'm not talking about adults, or teenagers, they can sort themselves out and live with the consequences. I'm talking about children. Little kids' birthday parties. When planning a party there are a number of things you have to take into consideration: Date - is your child's birthday in the middle of the… Continue reading Birthday Party Politics

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What made me laugh today … 

I am in hysterics watching the Sky News Presenter try explain in 'simple terms' to the UK viewers how the £ 'crashing' due to a Hard Brexit will mean that you need more £s to buy the same car you were eyeing out in Germany last month. Or how they will get less € for… Continue reading What made me laugh today … 

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January Disease

We are half way through January now, and if you haven't noticed there are basically two categories of humans on the planet: Those who suffer from January Disease; Those who don't and fall into category B below. A. What is January Disease you ask. Well , if you are not familiar with this particular ailment,… Continue reading January Disease

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My random thoughts today

I have very strong political views but I have tried to keep my opinions off this blog. However, I'm going to voice them today! My tweet pretty much sums up my opinion on the US election! (At the time of writing this the results are not all in - it's currently Hillary 215 & Trump… Continue reading My random thoughts today