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I Am More Than “Just A Mommy Blogger”! 

I'm launching a new mini-series which will showcase 'what else' moms who blog do. This series will be for South African moms only for now. The international version will run in a few months time. Read on for more details and please get in touch if you'd like to be featured.

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What Does Independence Look Like?

I have not been independent since I was around 25 years old. It was at that age that I moved out of slight dodgy house-share in London and into a flat with my boyfriend (future husband) in York. Before then I was able to support myself completely. Sure, it was a house-share in a not… Continue reading What Does Independence Look Like?

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My InstaRoundUp – ep. 1 October

I'm back with another instalment of my InstaRoundUp where I take the top 5 most liked pictures from my Instagram account and use them to provide an update on what's been going on with me and us. First thing to note is that it was my birthday on the 1st of October so most of… Continue reading My InstaRoundUp – ep. 1 October

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We Survived A Week Without TV!

We Survived A Week Without A TV! And it was awesome!

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Am I Even A Woman Anymore?

Lately I've been contemplating my life. You only need to read a few of my more recent posts to understand what I'm talking about ... Maintaining My Own Self-Worth Perspective Required  Warning: Memories Fade Last month I had to go and get my fingerprints taken. No big deal. Unfortunately the machine was struggling to read… Continue reading Am I Even A Woman Anymore?

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If Moms Designed Plasters! 

If moms designed plasters, they might look something like this ...

parenting perspective required
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Perspective Required 

When you need a little perspective after a conversation with your 4 year-old about your role in the family as a SAHM!

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Mom Fuel – What keeps you going?

Mom-fuel: what keeps you going all day, and night?!