Disclaimer: Post contains a lot of complaining and sarcasm.

Today’s weather … 30 degrees C.

It’s humid.

It’s windy.

There’s a dust storm blowing through our province.

Article in the local news. Bloemfontein Courant


Personally I HATE closed windows so I’ve kept a few windows open, and the door out into the garden, because you know … the cats! My floors and counter tops have a thick visible layer of dust on them and my hair feels sticky and dirty. I can even taste the dust in the air. It really is doing wanders for my asthma!

So far we’ve had a few drops of rain. Basically all that’s done is create dust drop circles on my cream tiled verandah/patio floor and white car!

I love living in Africa. I really do. Most of the year the weather is pretty perfect. But I could really do without dust. This is my second year dealing with it, today being the first dust storm since last year and if I remember correctly they last about a month, on and off.

The pool is covered, and so is the sandpit. The washing is hanging in the garage right next to the motorbike so I’m sure my husband will LOVE seeing that when he gets home. *Can you see the eyes rolling back in my head?*

The kids think it’s fun to draw pictures in the dust with water … on the bathroom counters! Give me strength!

I’ve actually given up on sweeping and mopping. There really is no point!

The kids have their school photos tomorrow and the theme is denim and white! WHITE!!! I think I will be packing the white clothes in their bags for them to change into for the photo. Such bad timing.

By now I’ll bet you’re looking for the silver lining in the dust cloud! Nope. Silver linings are for white fluffy clouds, not dusty ones poised to unleash a rain storm of mud! It literally feels like mud is falling from the sky!

Is it wine o’clock yet?



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