How To Connect & Stats

Follow me on your favourite social media sites to keep up with the tantrums, tears and wine jokes.

My current Follower Stats across the social media platforms I engage with: 

  • This Blog: +800 followers
  • I am very active on Twitter: @momof2lgs :- +2800 followers
  • My Instagram account has loads of pictures that are a real insight into who I am, I love Instagram because it’s lots of visual fun. Instagram: @momoftwolittlegirls :- +1600 followers
  • My Pinterest account has +200 followers.
  • My Facebook page is still fairly new, but it’s getting there with over 450 followers.
  • I am also on Google+

Also, if you’re interested, here is my post on How To Be A Good Blogger,  an opinion piece of course, based on my experience of getting started as a mom blogger, but it’s for bloggers in all genres.

Tips and Advice on the etiquette of blogging and how to be a good blogger.