Galentine’s Day 20 Years Ago

Today is Galentine’s day. The day before Valentine’s day when you are supposed to celebrate the day with all your Gal-Pals.

Today there is a photo circulating on my Facebook profile. It’s a photo of my five friends and I, in our school uniforms, each holding a red rose. I remember that day like it was yesterday. It is in fact 20 years old!

I don’t actually have any Gal-Pals living close enough to me to actually celebrate today with. They are all scattered across the globe: Zimbabwe, Zambia, UK, Australia, Canada, America.

I guess that’s quite normal to us considering that we grew up in Zimbabwe before the country was virtually destroyed by the ravages of greed, corruption and hatred. Before the land invasions.

Shortly after we finished school we all went our separate ways. Most went to do a few years of working, travelling and growing up in the U.K. As Zimbabwe is a former colony of Great Britain, most of us either had British Passports or Ancestral visas which entitled us to live and work there for 4 years (at the time).

Every Valentines Day one of the culture clubs would raise money for the school by taking orders of roses from whoever wanted to send one to their secret admirer. Roses were distributed hroughout the day by ‘juniors’ – who I’m sure either loved or hated doing it. It was a great idea and everyone loved the fun and secrecy.

The year we turned 17 was a seriously fun year. We’d done our GCSEs. We were basically killing time before starting our A’Level syllabus.

That Valentine’s Day we decided that we would all send ourselves a rose but it would be our group’s little secret.

Thinking back, I honestly can’t remember if any of us even had a boyfriend. It was a time of friendship, laughs, fun and innocence (just kidding … ?).

So if I had one wish as to how I could spend Galentines Day it would be to have all those girls together again for more laughs, fun and good catchup. It’s 20 years overdue!  I know at least 3 of us are mamas now, 5 of us are married, but sadly I lost touch with 2 of them.

Happy Galentine’s day ladies … wherever you all are.

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  1. That’s really sweet! We have come a long way with social media, when I left school I didn’t think I would ever see some of my friends again and although we don’t really meet up in person I know I can contact them online and possibly arrange it at some time. #globalblogging

  2. I hadn’t heard of this but it sounds like a great idea – count me in! This takes me back to my school days. We had a school postbox where everyone could post their cards anonymously and then they would be hand delivered throughout the day. It was always so exciting to see them walk in with a bundle of cards and wonder if one might be for you! Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x

    1. So glad someone gets it. It’s not about what you get or who sent it, it’s the fun & anticipation. Harmless, innocent fun!

  3. Aww this is lovely. It’s amazing how things feel like only yesterday but yet happen 2 decades ago. I always remember wondering why my parents still bothered listening to music from when they were young – what was the point? As I get older I realise it’s because the past doesn’t feel as long ago as it actually is! Hope you get to see some of your friends soon. I don’t see mine often either but it’s wonderful when I do! #DreamTeam

  4. I genuinely have never heard of galentines day but what a lovely idea! #DreamandSparkle

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