How I Prepared To Go Out!

Yesterday my husband needed me by his side. He had to attend a work meeting, which was followed by a social where the wives were included.

For us to attend a function where the girls can’t come with takes HUGE planning and preparation. We decided that the only people we felt comfortable leaving the girls with were our good friends who live in a nearby town. We’ve never left them with anyone overnight before, apart from my mom, so this was big for us, and for them. 

The men left at 08.30 in the morning and my husband’s preparation went something like this:

  • 07.00 Wake up, shower, change, make me look for something that is an inch from his hand, and then spend an hour searching for a specific pair of jeans that have vanished.
  • 08.15 Make himself toast. Eat it warm.
  • 08.30 Get in the car and go.

This is how I prepared to go out:

  • The week before – confirm arrangements for babysitting.
  • Two days before – liaise with the other wife/friend to confirm our travel plans (as we were going together later).
  • 00.30 Wake up to have a wet bed because the 3 yr old decided NOT to go to the toilet before bed, and then decided to come sleep in my bed.
  • 00.35 Have an argument with the 3 yr old because I have to change her wet pyjamas.
  • 00.40 – 06.30 Spend the night sharing a 3/4 bed with ‘the kicker’ trying to sleep, but not really achieving anything.
  • 07.00 Make the kids breakfast
  • 07.30 Start looking for the disappearing jeans (see above)
  • 08.25 Attempt to get in the shower only to be told that I must wait until he has left so I can lock the door behind him (His key suddenly having lost the ability to turn in a lock – reread with heavy sarcasm!)
  • 08.40 Shower
  • 09.00 Do my hair
  • 09.05 Remember to take meat out to take with for the evening dinner – go do that.
  • 09.08 Carry on with hair styling
  • 09.30 Start warning the children to get their shoes on.
  • 10.00 Leave the house (IT TOOK THEM 30 MINUTES TO PUT THEIR SHOES ON!!)
  • 10.10 Get to the mall, get a few last minute items, including healthy food for the husband, and sodas for his drinks.
  • 10.45 Get home and realise that instead of having 2 hours to get ready and pick up friend, I have 1 because I messed up the timings.
  • 11.00 Frantically pack the kids overnight bag, change my outfit 20 times, tidy the house, feed the cats bring the birds inside, pack the cooler-box & everything else I might possibly need.
  • 12.00 Leave the house.
  • 12.10 Pick up friend.
  • 13.00 Drop off kids
  • 14.30 Arrive at the function.

I really wish I was a man sometimes. Okay, most of the time!

We ended up having such an awesome time. We all drank far too much, didn’t eat quite enough, and got to bed very early in the morning.

One of the highlights of my evening was meeting the real life version of the picture below. Two old ladies around 70 years old, complete with matching red leather covered hip flasks! They were hysterical. They told me they got the hip flasks because sometimes they have to go places and they don’t know if there will be alcohol or not and they like to be prepared in case there isn’t; and they ‘whatsapp’ each other to remind each other to pack them! Don’t you just love that?!

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I need not have worried about the girls either. When I dropped them off they ran off to play before I could even say goodbye and this morning my youngest cried because she didn’t want to come home. That really makes me regret waking up at 0630 after five hours of sleep to drive 45 minutes to fetch them in case they were missing me. I should have left them there all day!

Needless to say I am very ‘tired and emotional today’ – translation: I am trying to eat ALL the food in the house in an pointless effort to eat my way out of this hangover.

Today there will be no limit on screen-time for the girls.

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  1. Author

    Glad you had a fabulous time! So nice to get to let your hair down when you have kids. I can certainly relate to having more to prepare than the hubby for a night out. x #MarvMondays

  2. Author

    Could not be more true. Be it for a night out/ day out/ holiday/ anywhere, really… we (mums) have to pre-plan and wake up hours earlier to get it all done!

  3. Author

    Ha ha, this is so true. My husband always comments of the fact we’re running late, while sat drinking his hot cup of coffee after a nice hot shower where no-one interrupted him to use the toilet, find their clothes or get their breakfast x

    1. Author

      It’s like they live their lives on a different level to the rest of the household. ?
      Thanks for reading.

  4. Author

    Oh bless you, why is it SUCH an ordeal to get those shoes on? I can never understand it! Glad you got out the door though and enjoyed the day together, sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing with #dreamteam x

    1. Author

      I have no idea, maybe we just have far higher expectations than we should. I mean there are two shoes for them to find. lol

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