How To Be A Good Blogger

I have been blogging for almost a year now. In that time I have learnt a huge amount that I didn’t even know was necessary to run a successful blog. I thought I would just write about my parenting life, and that would be it. How wrong I was!

People start blogs for many different reasons. I started blogging as an outlet, a way of getting all the thoughts that were swirling in my head out there, and as a SAHM I needed something that was my own, that wasn’t about my services to my family, I needed something that was mine.

I didn’t realise it at the time but I entered into a whole other world – that of Mom Blogs. I knew there were mom blogs, but at the time I  had no idea how many there were. I also had NO idea how competitive, welcoming, diverse and passionate an industry it was. I didn’t even know that it was even something that you could make money from. So to say I’ve learnt a lot is an understatement.

Besides that, there is also all the technical stuff you need to learn. I’m still not very good at that, but I’m still learning. I don’t think anyone ever knows it all.

Getting back to one of the best things about blogging though, is the actual blogging community. It’s one where most of us are open-minded, non-judgmental and supportive of each other. Within that community, there are a few things that define what makes us ‘good’ bloggers, and by ‘good’ I mean a blogger who other bloggers respect and want to connect with in the spirit of  the community to which you want to belong.

Here they are:

  • Be real! Don’t buy followers – this makes us literally roll our eyes and click that “UnFollow” button!
  • Pay your dues – those legitimate bloggers with +10k followers and 1000s of page-views a day – they worked their way up. Just like in a corporate environment. The have been going for years. They did NOT buy their followers! They did not cut corners. They are professionals.
  • Be humble and honest. If you are in it to make money, be honest about that, but don’t assume you’re owed anything. You need to understand that compared to the ‘big fish’ bloggers out there, you are relatively unknown and that makes you a risk. Whilst PR companies will be prepared to give you a chance, they need a little more credibility from you. Straight out asking for free stuff because you have a blog is not going to instill any faith in you. It’s simply not enough.
  • Don’t flip-flop – stay true to your blog. Know what it is you stand for. Don’t change your opinion, or values for the sake of free stuff – your followers and fellow bloggers will see it and lose all respect for you. This will result in another UnFollow!
  • Follow Back. This is a great way to establish a community of like-minded online friends, and let’s be honest, it’s also a great way to get more followers and get your content out there. BUT! Please check who it is first? Take the time to check out the new follower. If you’re a mommy blogger, and you have lots of followers who are single men from a foreign land with 10k followers, and they’re now following your little mama blog, I don’t think he’s really interested in your content and probably doesn’t even have any content for you to follow. Check first! These are the type of followers you don’t want, and they can cause more harm and stress than their numbers are worth – it’s as bad for your blog as buying followers and damages your credibility. Take the time to check.
  • Share – if you read something you like share it! Share it on Twitter, StumbledUpon or  Facebook, basically wherever you share your content, share other posts you like and rate. Sharing, commenting and likes are the currency of blogging so to be a ‘good blogger’ you need to engage with fellow bloggers and share their stuff as well as your own! Sharing is caring.

This applies to all blogging communities, not just mom blogs. It is applicable to whatever you niche might be: travel, technology, lifestyle, beauty.

So, with this in mind, let’s all try to be ‘good bloggers’.

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  1. Author

    I suppose it depends on what your reasons are for blogging, some people just like to write (me!) and for others blogging is a business. I don’t need to build a big network because I just want to focus on improving my writing skills, but having said that, it really encourages me when I am followed and have interaction through the comments. Personally I feel that having good content would naturally draw in followers and would hate to cheapen myself by ‘buying’ followers!!.

    1. Author

      Agreed. Buying followers is awful. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Author

    Completely agree with this! Blogging is a lot tougher than I orginally thought but so fulfilling.

    1. Author

      It’s my creative outlet. I don’t know what I did before or what I’d do without it.

    1. Author

      Yes, very key, Thanks for the reminder – I should add that one to the list.

  3. Author

    Totally agree. I can’t believe the number of lovely people I have made in the space of 4 months(including you!) people like you set a brilliant example for us newbie bloggers, so thank you x

    1. Author

      That’s very sweet. Thanks for the kind comments. You’re doing great.

    1. Author

      I’m glad you think so – hopefully you mean it in a positive way! ?

      1. Author

        Definitely,, I also recently started, only a couple of months and I really liked your advice, especially since you been doing for the past year?

        1. Author

          Almost a year – 10&1/2 months but it feels like longer! ??

  4. Author

    I can’t see the point in buying followings or using bots to make your posts more popular so you can get on. You always get found out and your creditably is ruined. Better to grow naturally and stay true to yourself. Brilliant post 🙂

    1. Author

      Exactly. I think it’s more used on Instagram but not unheard of in actual blogging. But as there seems to be a surge in micro-blogging on Instagram I think some (lazy) people think that the more followers they have the more brands will send them free stuff to ‘review’, but it’s basically just giving the whole industry a bad name.

  5. Author

    Next month will be two years for me in the blogging world and I don’t have it all figured out either. I’m still new I guess. Honestly, the marketing stuff gives me a headache just thinking about it but I do want my blog to go somewhere eventually. I just won’t do PR for just anyone. These are good tips to follow.

  6. Author

    September will be my 20th blog anniversary and I’m still learning. It is a forever changing landscape.

    1. Author

      Wow! 20! That is awesome. Change is inevitable considering technological advances!

  7. Author

    Great post Carly. I’ve been blogging for 18 months now and it still surprises me how competitive some bloggers are. Especially here in South Africa. It makes me so sad, we should be supporting each other and show casing all the talent that we have instead of seeing other bloggers as competition. I wish you many, many more years of writing from the heart

    1. Author

      Thanks so much. I’m not against a little competition but I totally get what you mean. It’s a bit cut throat! ?
      A little support and regular community engagement wouldn’t go amiss.
      Thanks for such a lovely comment. I wish you all the best too! Xx

  8. Author

    Great advice! I’m trying to figure this all out right now — so good timing. I actually JUST launched a FB page and am trying to up my Pinterest game. But sometimes it’s just nice to write :).

  9. Author

    All very good advice and there are some super people blogging out there. I love our big friendly community #TriumphantTales

  10. Author

    Lovely post. Congrats on your first year! All of your points are so true! Laughed at the single men from a foreign land! Sooo true! Loved. #dreamteam

    1. Author

      I was trying to be tactful, diplomatic and PC all at the same time. lol

  11. Author

    Thanks for the tips. I just started my mom blog for fun. On your tip for the followers you don’t want is there a way to block them? Like I said just starting… lol

        1. Author

          Will have a look and get back to you but off the top of my head can’t you just block them via the setting under people – followers ?

        2. Author

          Ok, So I was right. You just go to the People Tab under configure (on the left hand side of the screen), then click on Followers (at the top) then click Remove for whoever you want to block. Let me know if it works.

    1. Author

      Agreed. I’m sure they will. I still haven’t made a cent to date, but my followers are growing at a pace I’m proud of.

  12. Author

    Agreed, I have so much respect for bloggers. I thought it would be fun, but darn…it’s hard work!! And I take pride in seeing my growth, as slow as it may be. Buying followers and only blogging for free stuff is so pathetic. Urgh.

    Love all this advice 🙂

  13. Author

    Congratulations on your first year. And you definitely have the right idea. In my 7+ years of blogging, I’ve never bought a follower or said anything I didn’t mean in order to get free stuff! I turn down most of the stuff brands offer to send me. I’m only interested in telling my readers about quality items and experiences that are relevant to my blog and that I actually use, enjoy and feel good about recommending to friends and family. Keep up the good work!

    1. Author

      Thanks. It’s actually only a year in August. So far I haven’t made a penny but I’m loving it and learning every day.

  14. Author

    Great post. You’ve made some interesting points here. Sharing is so important, I’m so grateful to those who share my posts. Makes it all worthwhile! Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging

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  16. Author

    Ahh I love this post. I think sharing is such a big part of being a great team player in the world of blogging, no matter whether you are a travel, parenting, lifestyle or foodie blogger. It also helps in building a fab community too. #Dreamteam x

  17. Author

    Really great tips! I especially like the one around follow people back, really taking the time to look at who you are following. I think this makes such a difference for your own feed and also for your following as you have a mutual interest which creates a strong community. : ) Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging!

    1. Author

      Agreed. The whole follow back thing is fine as long as it serves YOUR purpose.

  18. Author

    Brilliant selection of tips here! Handy for bloggers old and new! Sorry for the late comment, better late than never! Thanks for joining #TriumphantTales.

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  20. Author

    I definitely agree, it’s so important to develop a connection with your readers by responding to their comments, getting to know them, and of course – don’t change what you stand for, for money!

    1. Author

      Oh yay! It’s the hardest but best! I wouldn’t have chosen anything differently.

  21. Author

    Great advice. Especially not buying followers – if you choose to do that, you’re really not fooling anyone!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

  22. Author

    New to blogging here. I read this post before but I reread it again now and feel I must comment! Great tips and I also Am very overwhelmed with just how nice and welcoming everyone is in the community! The buying follower thing is really an issue – I also have been approached by ppl (on Twitter Nogal!) asking me to buy likes and followers and I just Ignored. Il rather build them one by one. Buying them won’t be an authentic and engaged audience

    1. Author

      It’s so bad – a stumbling block you will never be able rid yourself of the tarnished reputation. Hysterical keep on blogging on authentically. X

  23. Author

    This is very encouraging! I’ve just started my blog and when expectations meet reality it is tempting to quit. Your advice is very practical and down to earth, I love it!

  24. Author

    Thank you for the advice. I’m new to blogging, this is actually my second stint because I quit on a blog a started earlier in the year. My current blog is only a week old and I have been doing a lot of research, reading some other blogs and doing a lot for social media stalking which is how I found your blog.

    After reading this I feel more encouraged not to give up again and just let it flourish naturally. Thank you.

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  28. Author

    Hi I’ve just been a blogger now for a week, and have i found your advice really helpful. I’ve started out a bit like you, as a way to get my thoughts out being a SAHM, and I have yet to connect with the blogging community. But I think I need practice writing a good blog xx

    1. Author

      Congrats on starting a blog. It can be very scary initially. I agree on practicing your writing, but there’s no need to wait to connect with other bloggers. Their mentorship and advice will help you grow. Best of luck.

  29. Author

    I wish more people knew the unspoken guidelines of blogging. The last year and a half I have been a ghost on my blog due to life, but it really is hard work if you expect growth. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

      1. Author

        Haha I feel you, I am sitting networking on mine because this is what it takes, and apparently sleep is not important. *Cheers coffee cup*

  30. Author

    I’m still learning a lot about blogging! Then again I suppose everyone is learning on the go. What have you learnt recently that you could pass back? Thanks for the tips

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