Freelance Services

I have learnt so much about the world of blogging and social media that it inspired me to launch my own freelance business. If you would like to learn from me, please pop over to my business website: Blue Media Edit


Everyone has a story in them. Everyone. But, sometimes it's hard for your readers to fully grasp what it is you're trying to say.As an Editor I can help make your writing spelling and grammar free, and optimised for SEO. 

Bloggers need social media to showcase their work to the world. But with so many different social media platforms that all change so often, navigating the world of Social Media can be a daunting one. Let me help you make sense of it. 

blogger resources

There are many different resources that can help make blogging easier. Planning and organisation tools, Infographics, checklists and more. 

Let me help you to help yourself! 

If you would like to contact me to discuss how we can work together please click on any of the links on the page above, or simply email me at