Molly Ballerina Giveaway

* Molly Ballerina Giveaway! *

If your little one loves dancing and ballet and all things pretty and squishy, you need to enter this awesome Giveaway to win the cutest little ballerina in town – Molly Ballerina!

First Impressions

When Molly arrived, the girls were over the moon. She is the ultimate doll when it comes to all things girly! She’s wears a tutu, it’s all pink and white and very pretty. Her hair comes in a bun which when taken down to brush is actually very good for doll hair. The doll itself is soft and cuddly too so your little girl can give her all the loves she wants to.

Molly Talks!

Molly also speaks more than 200 words all related to a ballet theme, and if you press her hand she will play eight classical melodies played by Italian Maestro Foroni. Check out my video below for a few of the cute little things she says.

Molly Ballerina Doll


“Little girls love ballet – the beautiful tutu and pointe shoes, the music and the performance. Molly Ballerina is not only a beautiful doll, she also embodies one of the world’s most beautiful disciplines and dance forms,” says Chiquita Patrizi of Prima Toys.

Molly Ballerina is ideal for ages three and up.

Molly is available at toys stores around the country, and retailers for RSP: R899.99



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Terms & Conditions:

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  2. This competition is only open to South African residents or those with a South African postal address.
  3. The prize will be couriered to the winner by Prima Toys.
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  5. Giveaway will run from today until midnight on Monday 19 February, 2018.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. My girls received a Molly Ballerina in exchange for this post but all opinions are my own. 

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Congratulations to the winner of this competition, Bhavanah Singh!!! 


  1. Every girl aspires to be a Ballerina, the magical shoes and swan-like pose makes little girls dreamy and doe eyed. My daughter watches Angelina Ballerina and always remarks good manners and pose is what will get us far in life.

    My daughter would be thrilled to live her Ballerina dream through Molly

  2. I think its the absolute beauty that the girls love. My daughter started ballet and absolutely loves it. Its the absolute magic of them moving so graceful

  3. O wow!! My girls would luv this doll as their both ballerinas. The oldest one started 2 years ago, and the youngest this year. They love wearing tutus, and the flowy effect of it! They love all things ballerina, always watching ballerina movies. Doing ballet also helps a lot with their posture and confidence.

  4. I think little girls love ballerinas because they are graceful, elegant and they have the ability to not only walk on there toes but dance on there toes too. They wear magical costumes which is every little girls dream. It’s my daughter birthday on the 1st March, she would be absolutely thrilled with Molly if she won her, she is absolutely gorgeous <3

  5. I think it’s cause they get to wear tutus and twirl around looking all beautiful

  6. Girls mostly like Ballerinas because its every little girls dream to dance especially ballet, Girls simply love dancing.

  7. Because they are so graceful… they dance beautifully and most little girls want to be ballerinas 🙂 I know my little girl wants to be. She would love this.

  8. what’s there not to LOVE about Ballerinas and that’s why this Mommy at the age of 32 is still one 🙂 Ballerinas are just magical – they are graceful and something little girls can aspire to be. I think little girls can go into a fantasy world when they are dancing … and plus ballerinas wear PINK pretty tutus and tiaras … every little girls dream! My almost 4 year old ballerina would LOVE this dolly. I have shared on Facebook and twitter

  9. My kid loves ballerinas because, well, she IS a ballerina… duhhhh lol she is also Barbie and “Havanna Oooh Na Na”….

  10. I honestly think its the finezz that ballerinas have, the gentle way in which they bring across emotions and play things out without saying anything. But thats just me… This is an AWESOME prize!

  11. My daughter was obsessed with being a ballerina for so long when she was little. Now I have a close family friend whose little girl is 3 and obsessed with being a ballerina. THis would be such a great gift for her!!

    I think they just love that image of twirling around and having those pretty skirts on.

  12. I think it is the elegance and beauty of a ballerina with a sence of being care free…

  13. My daughter turns 9 this year. With learning problems she ginds dancing an escape 2 relax and express herself. She is our little would love 2 give her this doll

  14. They can dance in recitals, be the recipients of flower bouquets, and take bows after a performance. Dancing and twirling in beautiful tutus can put a smile on any little girl’s face.

  15. Little girls love Ballerina’s because they seem very magical! They are so fragile and serene and petite. They were awesome outfits and are graceful but also have obedience.

    Ballerina’s are great role models to all girls!

    Awesome giveaway sure to make a little girl’s dreams come true!

  16. I think that it’s because a ballerina is the epitome of strength, grace, and beauty. They float like they have wings and what child doesn’t want to fly?

  17. My precious little girl loves all things magical. Ballerinas are a physical manifestation of magic, they are lighter than air and ballet is such a beautiful dance. My baby girl dances every week and she is in love with all things dance. Winning this doll would be so special. Her birthday is coming up and she will be 5 it would be an amazing gift …

  18. They love tutus and dancing. Ballerinas also look like princesses. My 3 year old princess would love this doll

  19. My little girl loves dancing especially ballet. She loves the outfits and the music and would love to be able to dance like that

  20. Girls love ballerinas, because they are glitzy and are adored. Every girl loves being adored and to be treated like a princess. Dancing is outwardly showing the music in our hearts.

    My little girl has been swaying her hips since she could stand. She was born with a love for music and dancing. She is now in a spica cast to correct her hip dysplasia and this would just would be great to win for her. As a reminder that she will get to dance again.

  21. Every girl is drawn to ballerinas because it shows there is strength in beauty. The embodiment of feminity

  22. Because the are so graceful and elegant. Always prim and proper. Disciplined and full of stamina.

  23. Running a ballet shop I see the joy of the little girls getting there ballet kit. It is every little girls dream to be a ballerina one day. This doll is perfect for little girls and can not wait to experience the joy of being a ballerina with my baby girl due in March 2018. Holding thumbs for this prize!!

  24. Im entering with Debbie Stander for her little girl Suzaan. Suzaan could have chosen 2 do anything 2 cope with her emotions but ballet calms her. When she puts on her dress she feels in control and she becomes a ‘normal’ little girl in her age group. I think she didnt choose Ballet but Ballet chose she would love a doll like this xxx

  25. I think dancing make a person feel free and make them feel like they can fly. It is beautiful, graceful and proud.

  26. My girl just love dolls, but these days dolls are so expensive you can only afford cheap dolls that does not last long. I would be so gratefull if she can win such a beautiful doll and it ks quality aswell. She also started with ballet so I am sure she will love her so much. Please please let me win this for

    1. I think girls like ballett because the like to look girly and tutus are so beautiful and then dancing is so peacefull and I think it helps if they had a bad day to make everything bright again and make them feel better

  27. All little girls love ballet because they get to dress and dance like a fairy. Every little girls dreams or pretends to be a fairy princess.

  28. My daughter would LOVE this little doll, she has just started taking ballet lessons at age 3 and is completely hooked.
    I think girls love ballet as it symbolises feminity and being a girl with the added magic of dancing, music and the beautiful dresses ofcourse. It lets them feel part of something magical and gracefull.

  29. Most little girls love ballerinas because they dance is so interesting, it looks as though they are floating or flying wich would creae a remarkale feeling within the girls. Also they adore the custumes, tutus, tiaras and sweet flat shoes. This is one of the wotlds most beautiful and disciplined dance forms. depicting femininity. Being a balerina makes them feel gracious, elegant, beautiful ad confident. I would love to win this Stunning Prize Molly Doll for our very own Ballerina and she will simply love it!

  30. I think little girls love ballerinas because they look like real life dolls in their tutus!

  31. My girl did ballet when she was small, she said it made her feel like a fluttering butterfly. I got her a doll so similar to Molly and they danced together… Unfortunately Skipper broke after years but the medals of dancing stayed and only memories of Skipper. I searched high and low for someone to replace Skipper. Just like Molly my girl loves moving around, dancing and chatting my ears off. She sees a ballet as a fragile form of yourself..

  32. Ballerinas are just so perfect posture stance and composure. Every little girls dream to become a ballerina dancer

  33. It really is all about the pink and twirls and the tutus and ribbons. It’s about interpreting oneself in dance all dressed in pink, tutus as well as the twirls and ribbons

  34. I believe that the main reasons why little girls love ballet are: the colour pink, the beautiful outfits, the magical world dancing transports you to & the doll-like beauty of prima ballerinas. My two year old received the movie Ballerina as a Christmas gift and she’s been obsessed with ballet ever since – she’s even started walking on her little toes ? fingers crossed that I’m the lucky winner of this amazing prize, I’ll be the best Mommy everrr!!

  35. I think they love them as they have an ethereal elegant quality like princesses and they love the idea of being whisked away like gently fluttering fairies!

  36. I think ballerinas are so close to being princesses. The pretty clothes, the grace & movement is very beautiful & regal. My daughter started ballet this year & she loves the pretty soft skirt & the shoes. It makes her feel like a princess?❤

  37. My 2 little girls also love anything ballerina, I think it has to do with the pretty pink outfits or twirling around in tutus! Who doesn’t like twirling in tutus, come on. These dolls are just adorable.

  38. My daughter Hannah is 6 years old and is doing her 3rd year of cecchetti ballet and she absolutely loves it. Currently, She wants to be a BALLERINA when she grows up and I why not? Ballet has really made her such a confident little girl , it’s more than just a hobby .

  39. A girls dream is to be a ballerina because they dress in the prettiest outfits and shoes and do such perfect twirls! My daughter is doing ballet now and absolutely loves it

  40. There’s just something a bit magical about ballerinas. The pretty tutus, the delicate slippers, the absolute grace of movement. They probably look like beautiful princesses to little girls and what girl (young or old) doesn’t want to be a princess? We watch Ballerina at least once every two weeks which is followed by much twirling and leaping from my girls! ?

  41. My 4 year old just started Ballet lessons after begging me to do it since she turned three.

    She would absolutely adore this doll. Loves everything Ballet.

    Thank you for the give away oppertuinity.

  42. My 2 little girls love ballerinas? they watch movie that has ballet in it and stand in awe. They try to mimic every move? i think its because ballerinas are so graceful and beautiful and wear all these amazing costumes. They wish they could be as light on their feet as the ballerinas.

  43. Ballerinas are like princesses and that’s why little girls love them, pretty and graceful and the tutus are pretty in beautiful colours, the ballet movements are so gentle and graceful and its every little girls dream to be pretty and dance like a ballerina .

  44. I think girls love Ballerinas as they are gracious, beautiful and elegant, and thats what all girls aspire to be when they grow up. They are such great role models as they teach girls how be courteous. This would be so perfect for my daughter, as I did ballet when I was younger and I loved it and soon I hope to introduce her to ballet class as well

  45. Little girls love ballerinas because as they dance and flutter across the dance floor, they capture the essence of beauty and are always admired by all. Every little loves being admired and therefore aspire to be a ballerina.

  46. I would love for my sister to win this. Or me so I can give it to her little beauty Hannah. She’s a mom of two little gorgeous girls and the one absolutely adores ballet. She loves all things “girly” and yet she also loves collecting snail’s and slugs too! I know she would just cherish Molly ballerina because even though she’s only 5yrs old..She is so kind hearted and loves to dance and has a smile to lighten any room. Please please make her smile #Mollyballerina

  47. I think little girls love ballerina’s because of their beautiful costumes they wear and the fact that they get to dance like princesses

  48. They are just so graceful.. the dancing.. how pretty they look in their outfits and their hair that is so neatly in a bun

  49. For my girl with learning problems being a ballerina means putting on her ballet dress and making her feel ‘normal’ .she can enjoy doing what everyone her age is doing and not worry about her daily stuff….it is an escape and relaxing experience and feeling like a princess. It calms her so much! Dancing is her ‘safe’ place

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