My InstaRoundUp – October ep. 2

Welcome to the latest instalment of my Instagram Round Up series. These roundups are the top 5 most liked pictures from my Instagram account, since the last one round-up post which in this case was the 10th of October.

I really enjoy doing these posts. Life moves by so quickly that it’s good to look back and reflect on what’s been going on in our lives over the past few weeks. 

No. 5 was the picture of my girls sitting on top of the kitchen counter. We were making banana muffins and as always they started fighting about who was going to ‘lick the bowl’ before we even started. Thank goodness they only got on the counter after the actual baking was done as my eldest daughter’s feet are not clean. This is about as real as it gets everyone … obviously ‘it’ refers to parenting.

No. 4 was me showing off the last glass of the bottle of Tangled Tree wine. I’ve never really been a fan of Rosè wine, assuming that they are all sickly sweet. I was pleasantly glad to be educated that they are NOT all sweet.

No. 3 is a random cup of coffee I posted with a chocolate biscuit. I’m always surprised when these type of photos get some many likes because they aren’t particularly exciting. It makes me consider the timing of the post, the hashtags I used, and the audience I have – you guys must like coffee and clearly empathise with a tired mom who has to get up early on a Sunday because, you know, KIDS!

No. 2 is the header image for the post I put out on Friday introducing a new five-part mini-series that is launching tomorrow entitled “I Am More Than Just A Mommy Blogger” where I will be featuring five mommies who are also bloggers. The whole aim is to find out ‘what else’ they do in addition to everything that being a mom involves. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the first instalment featuring a mom who also runs her own consultancy business.

No. 1 is the very random picture I took of myself celebrating the fact that I had finally launched my new business venture. It got loads of hits, despite the fact that I look like I’d gone ten rounds with a toddler, I hadn’t done my hair, and I wasn’t wearing make-up. It was a good day though and I’m so excited about this. I take all these likes as support of my project and I hope you will all take two minutes to check out my new site. I welcome any and all comments, suggestions and support, and of course, your business! lol

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Today’s regular #winewednesday post is a slight stray from the norm as I’ve decided to do a bad selfie of me enjoying a celebratory glass of #wine. I finally did it, I plucked up the courage to actually start my new venture into freelance editing & social media coaching. To say I am extremely anxious and full of self-doubt is an understatement, but I am still so excited and happy and proud of myself for just taking this massive step. A shout out to my amazingly supportive husband who always encourages me, to @muppielounge for being my guinea pig, @mschanaynay for pushing me to do it! And my “baby” sister for taking all my panicked calls relating to the tech stuff! Thanks @megskinnaird Please check it out if you are feeling like sharing some love! @bluemediaedit #cheers🍷

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Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check back in tomorrow.



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