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I have very strong political views but I have tried to keep my opinions off this blog. However, I’m going to voice them today!

My tweet pretty much sums up my opinion on the US election! (At the time of writing this the results are not all in – it’s currently Hillary 215 & Trump 247.) 

Whilst I abhor Trump, I’m pretty much in awe of the lengths the American people are prepared to go to in order to affect change in their government. How tired or the corruption and politicking must you be to vote for Trump over Clinton with his appalling track record of racism and discrimination against women, etc. etc. etc. How desperate are they to give him and the Republicans control of one of the most powerful countries in the world? 

It’s even more dramatic than Brexit which I don’t think was that surprising! The Brits were sick of being told what to do by Europe. Whether that actually happens will remain to be seen but at least it was a clear message to their government. 

One of the driving forces in both situations though, was migration. 

On the flip side – Zimbabweans are ‘rolling over’ AGAIN instead of standing up to their corrupt politicians. Why? For the love of God … Why? Bond Notes will decimate the country even more than in 2008! Watch this space.

South Africa isn’t much better although they still maintain the illusion of democracy and freedom of speech. 

Zimbabwe doesn’t even bother with that. After fighting for so long for freedom they are now worse off than before Independence in terms of feeding themselves and their families, making them puppets of their leaders who swan around greedily taking more and more and more every hour! They have effectively lost their freedom by not excerciaing their rights! What rights you say? True! I pray for the future of Zimbabweans, more than the Brits and the Yanks. 

What a strange year 2016 has been. Is the world better off? 


  1. Author

    Brexit was more than just Euro rule. It was also a note to our own politicians that the average people did not hold them in anything other than contempt.
    Even now the elite are trying to turn it around… The law courts are trying to say that Parliament needs to ratify it… Here is the thing… THE PEOPLE RULE THE PARLIAMENT. The people elected those people to do the will of the people. If the majority of the people say ‘We want you to do this’ then the politicians should act on that!
    There should be no wiggle room. They are there to represent US not do as you want because we put you there. This is something a lot of politicians forget.

    The US election is another show of the same disgust at the status quo. They didn’t have a Brexit opportunity so they did the next best thing. Elect a moron… Although in all honesty I would have preferred a third party candidate to be a viable alternative. With luck the republicans will make a shit-show of it and EVERYONE will understand and impeach Trump and force a new election. One that Bernie Sanders will win. Don’t forget that he was the popular choice and Clinton did a stitch up job on him.
    If Sanders had been elected by the DNC he would have won the presidency by a landslide. I honestly doubt Trump would have had a serious campaign against him.
    I don’t know anything about the Zimbabwean elections to comment on them other than what I have seen in the news… It seems like it is the standard system of oppression and electoral bullying.

  2. Author

    Great Blog, thank you. I am reading your Blogs because although I am a Brit and live in UK, I do South Africa and am fascinated by the Politics and the division which exists, although in a different way. You know that of course. Zimbabwe – maybe people are too scared to revolt Look what MIGHT happen to them if they do decide to challenge the Powers that be? If they don’t lose their life, they will certainly lose their liberty, so easier to put up and shut up maybe? As I eluded to in my Blog, the last time I went to South Africa, it was full of Rhodesians (!) selling their possessions to stay alive. Their grand life had decimated into faded grandeur on coastal towns ( I speak of retired people here ) so maybe they were the ones who thought it better to move on.
    Don’t worry about us Brits… we will do fine.
    America also will do fine. Forget Trump as a person. Who cares what he thinks privately. What he is, is a Developer and a Businessman. America is a business and it needs to be run like a business. He will do that. He will develop the tired Cities like he has developed his business ( look at New York once he got under way – what a turn around?) and I think he will do that with Detroit and other cities. So imagine him having ” bought” America as a new Company – and lets see what happens.

    1. Author

      Thanks Jackie. No doubt Trump will be good for the economy. I just hope he is mindful of the harm he has caused in this election and the divide created. I pray he is held in check somewhat when it comes to human rights, LGBT, and most especially on women’s rights.
      I guess America are not ready for a woman, or maybe just this woman.

      1. Author

        As you say, best not to vocalise too much on Blogs re politics. I think America, for all of its advantages, is still stuck in more of a segregated country than RSA….. His record over women isn’t great but then Hillary is ” tricky” She is more self seeking in an unhealthy way than Trump. She didn’t even have the good grace to leave her room and thank people for voting her. Most telling….
        I see the winds of change and all for the good. Lets keep in touch

  3. Author

    Trump may not be the best man for this job, but Hillary would just corrupt the county more and drive our freedom into the ground. She is not the person we need. Anyone who thinks it’s okay to murder an unborn child is a sick human being and should never be considered as leader of any country.

    1. Author

      Both are ridiculous, but hey … I’m in Africa. Our politicians are the very definition of ridiculous and unelectable but they still get elected again, and again, and again.
      Hopefully he said most of that stuff just to get elected and now he will temper his outrageous ideals.
      Let’s see.

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