my secret is out

My secret is out!

I got this text from my daughter’s teacher a couple of weeks ago! Needless to say I was at once mortified and proud! I’ve been sitting on this for about two weeks, half ashamed, but definitely amused! My secret is out … how will I move on?


Thank goodness she is also a mom and has a sense of humour. She has also now taught both my girls now so I’m pretty sure she had me figured out before this little gem from my youngest (and last) child! .

There’s more …

Unfortunately she also shared this story with ALL the other teachers at school so there’s really no point in keeping this exchange a secret.

I thought teachers were supposed to be as close to a priest in confessional as you can get? Obviously not when faced with such comedy gold!

Although if I’m to be fair, me drinking wine with ice in it is hardly a secret!

Have your little treasures ever dropped you it like this? Is your secret out? I’m praying I’m not the only one!

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  1. My child proudly told her teacher that she is going to become a whisky drinker like her mom … You are not alone… ?

    1. haha … good luck. She’ll drop you in it one day. x

  2. Once my kids wrote in her journal: Mommy cooks and cleans and daddy watches sports and drinks beer.

    I waited all day for social services to show up!

    Thanks for linking up to #globalblogging

  3. My wife and I both take X-Rays for a living. When we first met her daughter was 5 and going to a private catholic school. She told the teacher that mommy and her new boyfriend were “X Rated” #bigpinklink

  4. Haha brilliant! I always wonder what my kids are telling their teachers about us at school! My eldest (6) managed to spill the beans about my blog to one of the mums at school (it is a complete secret to all my “real life contacts”! Oops! #dreamteam

    1. Mine too … I’m dreading that one day. Interesting though, do you have a facebook page?

      1. I do but it’s not much use because you can’t join any facebook groups as a page, only as an actual profile, which I can’t do, being anonymous…

        1. True. I haven’t got one yet, but find that not having one is really a blockage as a blogger. I’ve considered setting up a completely separate profile. Not sure that would work though.

          1. Yes it’s a tricky one. Technically it’s against facebook rules to have 2 profiles, but it’s really hard to make it work anonymously otherwise…

  5. Oh this is just fantastic! How brilliant that your daughter’s teacher is so chilled….! (Mum Pun sorry!) I dread to think what mine says about me! Lovely to have you linking. #bigpinklink

    1. Haha, yes indeed. She witnessed daily tantrums between both me and my eldest 2 years ago so a comment about wine is hardly surprising! Lol

  6. Hhahah I loved this so much o just went and told Mr Tammy. He did chuckle. Mostly out of fear as no doubt that will happen to us. Lady after my heart I do believe. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun xx

    1. Haha thanks. I kinda wish I’d seen her actual delivery. ?

  7. Ha, ha, this is great! I love how little ones always expose the things we’d rather others didnt know 😉 Great post, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

  8. As a teacher I have been privy to some absolute corkers but unlike your daughters teacher I won’t tell! ? Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime ?

  9. Haha, this made me giggle! My daughters speech gets better everyday, it’s only a matter of time before she lets my secrets out! #stayclassymama

    1. The scary thing is you just never know what or where or when … but something will come out!

  10. Haha brilliant! My toddler has started to smell wine on me – in the evenings of course when she won’t sleep so tells everyone ‘mummy drink purple wine’ ?? #fridayfrolics

    1. Oh my word! Don’t you just love them and their lack of filter!!! ?

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